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Princeton Airport News – August 2016

Despite the heat, 39N has been busy as the weather has been good for flying. All sorts of activities keep the staff hopping.  People keep coming to attend our tours which is great to enlighten the public about our operation. There’s lots of news, so read on.  We will be one of the first testing […]

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Princeton Airport News – December 2015

Although the weather sure doesn’t feel like the winter holiday season, December is upon us with all of the wonderful excitement and all of the hub-bub.  Take some personal time to fly and get above it all.      As 2015 comes to a close, it has been a complicated year at 39N.  We all miss Dick Nierenberg, who was the […]

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Princeton Airport News- August 2015

  The good flying weather has brought all sorts of good news to 39N.  There is so much more activity and flight students have seen significant progress, especially after the harsh winter months After a long void in multi-engine training, we are pleased to announce that we now have a win on the flight line, […]

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