Princeton Airport News – October 2016

The “other-than-aviation” world had a great opportunity to view the world of aviators at the extremely successful Montgomery FunFest.  Thousands of people came, participated, and enjoyed all sorts of activities with the wonderful world of the airport as the backdrop. Lots of news this month – find the link between Shimon Peres and 39N; check […]

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Student Advantages at Princeton Flying School

Princeton Flying School a very good place for students to train for their pilots’ licenses. We have a relatively new runway. It’s 3,600 feet long so it’s more than long enough for our students to train. In fact we get all types of planes coming into the Princeton Airport. We’re a non-towered airport, so we’re not associated with the control […]

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Meet Jeff Slutsky – Princeton Flying School Instructor

Jeff Slutsky is a very popular flight instructor here at the Princeton Flying School. In this first in a series of videos, Jeff describes how students learn to fly at Princeton Airport. Jeff has been a flight instructor since 2006 and has been teaching at Princeton Flying School for the last 2 years. Most prospective students […]

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