Landing / Parking Fees & Current Fuel Prices at Princeton Airport

Landing / Parking Fees*:

$15.00      Single Engine Piston
$35.00      Twin Engine Piston
$95.00      Turbine

Hours of Operation:

8am - 4:30pm

* Visitors please park on the west ramp.

Princeton Airport Self Serve Fuel Station

100 Low Lead ~ Current Price:

$7.25    Full Service
$6.90      Self Service
$7.01      Base Customers

Jet A ~ Current Price:

$6.99      Jet A

  • Due to supply issues, our fuel prices have been fluctuating. We have absorbed as much of the increase as possible as reflected in our current fuel prices. We are all dealing with these fuel price fluctuations as best we can, from our fuel supplier through our airport fuel customers. We appreciate your understanding of this matter.

100 Low Lead: Whether you are a base customer or a transient, fuel will be delivered to your aircraft upon request. Base customers are encouraged to call ahead when planning a trip. If it is late at night or you don't want to wait for delivery, please use our newly installed Self-Service Fuel facility providing 24 hour fuel availability.

Jet A with Prist: Jet fuel is pumped on the cement ramp in front of the terminal. For turbine helicopters our staff is trained to rapid refuel upon request. Pilots are requested to contact the airport on the Unicom frequency, 122.725, to advise the airport of their impending arrival. The line person will be available when the helicopter arrives. Corporate accounts are welcome.

41 Airpark Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540 (609) 921-3100

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