February 2012 Princeton Airport Newsletter


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February, 2012
Unicom: 122.725    
Lights: 123.05
AWOS (609-924-3901)                                                        609-921-3100

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Meet ‘N Greet
FAA Seminar
Safety Corner – Slow Flight
Flying the Hudson Corridor
Private Ground School
16 Years + 1 Day
Hangars Available

February, 2012

Calendar of Events

  4th:  Meet N’ Greet 10-noon

14th:  Valentine’s Day
18th:  PAFT Fly-In to W-29
20th:  Presidents’ Day
22nd:  Ash Wednesday
25th:  FAA Medical Doctor
          8:00 am – noon
29th:  Safety Seminar-Leap Year



Shaun Forney/Ryan Vinton
Elliot Krauss/Bryan O’Donnell
Timothy Podgalsky/John Bastan
Private Pilots:
Alex Senolopolus/Ryan Vinton


Cessna 150
1976 CESSNA 150M 

Great plane for hopping around inexpensively and/or time building.
Total Time:2550


Engine Time: 450
July Annual



 Contact: Ken Nierenberg


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Dear Naomi,

From those of us who have complained endlessly about the weather, we are so grateful for a mild January.  We can deal with the rain, but it is sure easier than having to plow in the wee hours of the morning to get the place ready for the morning activity.
Of course it is only February, but that’s only a month away from Spring.  Robins have been sited – whether they are coming back or just never left, it is great sign.
Enjoy your flights.

Princeton Airport Flying Tigers
is now sponsoring the
Meet ‘N Greet
-Saturday, February 4, 2012, Bagel and Coffee
 10:00 – noon

This month the Tigers will recognize former members who were devoted pilots, devoted to 39N, and great Club members.  A plaque will bear their names and placed in the lounge.  The plaque honors PAFT co-founder Lou Guazzelli,

Don Macpherson, Larry West and Gus Dreyhaupt.


We will continue the tradition of “hangar flying” in the lounge over Bagels ‘n Coffee.  Please join us and bring a friend.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
7:00 – 10:00 p.m.
Leap Year Special:  

What lessons aviation humor can teach us!?!
CFII Stephen Hansell 
Come participate, as you’ll have to wait four years for the next one.
Attention all you humorist – Have any aviation jokes?
Send them to Steve – shansell@rci.rutgers.edu

Safety Corner

by Assistant Chief Pilot Peter Rafle


Slow flight is a procedure that all student pilots need to master during their training. Once the check ride is over and the certificate is in hand, many pilots don’t give slow flight much thought until a Biennial Flight Review is due.


Slow flight is a maneuver performed at speeds below normal cruise speeds. It is designed to acquaint the pilot with the flight characteristics of the aircraft at speeds just above stall. The aircraft is configured to fly at minimum control airspeed (MCA). At this speed, any increase in angle of attack, increase in load factor, or reduction in power, will result in an immediate stall. The goal is to fly the aircraft in coordinated flight straight and level, turns, climbs and descents.


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NY Corridor

Flying The Hudson River Corridor

By Ryan Vinton


The sheer majesty of the greatest city on earth, from a point of view that only a select few will ever experience, is one of the experiences that we Tri-State area pilots have to savor.  


Undertaking your first trip through this challenging airspace however can be a quite daunting task.


There are two options to navigate down the Hudson today, however I will focus on my preferred choice, now known as the “Skyline Route”.


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Private Ground School Class
Began January 23, 2012
Monday, 7:00 – 10:00 pm.

There is room in the class, so if you want to catch up and join, please call the office.  The cost will be pro-rated.
Instrument Class?

As of this date, we only have three people (two staff) signed up for the Instrument Class.  We need at least 10 to make it viable.  So ask your fellow pilots if they are interested. 

                           16 Years + 1 Day
Tim Podgalsky

Congratulations to Timothy Podgalsky who had to wait 24 hours for the weather to cooperate in order to solo on his birthday which was Jan. 23.
Tim enrolled in April of this year and he only needed a bit over 12 hours to be proficient to accomplish this fete.  John Bastan oversaw Tim’s training and was very pleased with the results.  Well done.

is back with a new engine!
Get checked out –
Glass Cockpit.

40′, 42′, and 48′

Call Ken  609-731-4628 

News from the                  39N Logo


      Louis Vitanza, the new president of PAFT lead the first meeting of the new year at Tusk Restaurant.  Over 20 members and guests attended.

     A dedication to past PAFT members will be held during on Sat. 2/4/12 at 10:00 am during the 39N Meet & Greet in the pilots lounge. The Pilots Club will take over the Meet N’ Greet on the first Saturday of the month.  Please come and make these gatherings an enjoyable time to meet other pilots and wanna-be pilots.

     February’s fly-in will be to Bay Bridge (W29) in Stevensville, MD on Sunday, Feb. 18.  (This was the first destination when the club was formed.)

     The March dInner meeting will be held at Cafe Graziella, in Hillsborough on March 14.he first dinner meeting for 2012 was held Tusk Restaurant,when over 20 members and guests attended.

      For more information about PAFT & to sign up for the dinner, www.paft-nj.org


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