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Guinness World Records
Private Pilot Ground School?
Meet ‘N Greet
Safety Seminar
Special Flight Permits
Safety Corner
New FAA Medical Requirements
CAP News

Calendar of Events
February, 2013

 1st:   New Year – Closed
 2nd:  Meet ‘n Greet
Coffee & bagels
14th:  Valentine’s Day

17th:   PAFT Fly-In KUNV
18th:   Presidents’ Day

23rd:  FAA Doctor
8:00 – noon
For appointments
call: 609-921-3100
Walk-In ’til 11:30

27th:  Safety Seminar 7:00

         Airport Lighting



This difficult weather has taken its toll on those ready to solo and take their checkrides.  Let’s hope for better results in February.


Great Valentine Present!

2005 Cessna 182       


with G1000
TT: 400 hours
Original Owner
It’s a gem.

And more… 





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    January has taken on its traditionally cold weather and brings all of the inconveniences with it.  When things don’t work, it’s so difficult to fix them with sub-freezing, windy conditions.  Hopefully this spell has passed and we will see some warmer temperatures.
     This Valentine’s Day, how about something “in the air” – fly someone to an airport with a lovely lunch; take your significant other thru the NYC corridor.  People come from all over the world to see this and it’s in our own backyard.  How about a new headset..,  Just talk to the staff and they will give you good suggestions.  Much less fattening than chocolate.
     We just got word from the state that the paperwork for the new fuel farm is on its way, so that work should begin soon.  The old one is more than 20 years old.
     Lastly, our flight school wants to welcome the many new students who decided that 2013 is the year to become a pilot.  We hope you will enjoy the airport community, the wonderful staff and pilots here.

Ceilometer      CEILOMETER
If you look out toward the runway, you will see this Cloud Height Sensor which was recently installed to increase the accuracy of the current weather conditions at 39N.
The cloud ceilometer is a stand-alone instrument designed for fixed and mobile installations.  It detects clouds using the LINDAR principle with low power diode laser that is eye safe.  This ceilometer has a detection range up to 25,000′ and it is very accuracte.  It enables detection of up to five cloud layers.

Guiness Book CertificateCHANUKAH FOR THE RECORD

On Sunday January 27, Director of Operations, Steve Nierenberg, attended the Board meeting of the Jewish Center of Princeton, where Princeton Airport was recognized for its help during the menorah lighting ceremony.

On the 4th night of Chanukah, 834 people of all ages cames to our maintenance hangar with menorahs and the correct number of candles.  At the appropriate time everyone lit their candles, which was objectively observed to assure accuracy.

The certificate confirms that the record stands!  We have these honors in the lounge – check them out.
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Jeppesen Private Ground School  PRIVATE PILOT GROUND SCHOOL
Starting Monday, February 11th.
We are starting Private Pilot Ground School class.  If you join in now, by the warmer weather, you will have a lot of the ground work behind you.
The class will meet once a week from 7:00 – 10:00 pm.  Each week you will have had to read a chapter and the flight instructor will discuss the subject.  Together you will take the quizzes and the final exam.  When you pass our final, you will be signed off to take the FAA Knowledge Test.
Date:  February, 11, 2013
Time:  7:00 – 10:00 pm
Instructors:  Rob Argila, John Bastan, and Deandre Robinson
Cost:  Ground School Package $350.
13 Week Class:  $100
If you have enrolled with Raritan Valley, you will only have to pay for the class.

Princeton Airport Flying TigersBagels & Coffee
sponsors the 

Meet ‘N Greet
with coffee & bagels 

                 Saturday, February 2, 2013
10:00 – noon

Come in from the cold and enjoy a cup of coffee and a bagel with your fellow aviators.  It’s always to hear wonderful stories of pilots and student pilots.  Bring a friend.

 SAFETY SEMINARRunway lighting 

Topic: Airport Environment – Markings/Lighting/Signs

Instructor: CFI Deandre Robinson

Date: Wednesday, February 27
Time: 7:00 – 10:00 pm
Free – bring a friend.

 Chief Pilot John Bastan
Obtaining a Special Flight Permit


Special Flight Permits

A Special Flight Permit (commonly referred to as a Ferry Permit) may be issued

to any U.S. registered aircraft that may not currently meet applicable

Airworthiness Requirements but is capable for safe flight.

Note: 1.) A Special Flight Permit is not an authorization to deviate from

the requirements of 14 CFR Part 91.

            2.) Special Flight Permits will be issued by the FSDO/IFO having

jurisdiction over the geographical area in which the flight is to originate,

this does not apply to 121 or 135 certificate holders.

            3.) If an AD requires compliance before further flight and does

not have a provision for issuance of a Special Flight Permits, the

operation of the aircraft to which it applies would not be appropriate,

and a Special Flight Permit will not be issued.

Please Read More:

SAFETY CORNER – by Assistant Chief Pilot Peter Rafle


     Winter presents some challenges to pilots and airplanes. On frosty mornings, it is imperative to remove frost from the surfaces of wings and empennage. Gently use a broom to remove and smooth the frost. Remove the frost from the top of the fuselage

aft of the cabin. Position the airplane of the ramp so that the sun will warm the airplane and melt any remnants of the frost.

     Never use scrapers of the windshield. Ask the flight coordinators for deicing spray for the windshield. Use your gloved hand or a rag to remove the melting frost from the windshield.

     Once the engine is started, ensure that the defroster vents are open and the heat is on to clear the inside of the windshield and side windows.

Taxiing around on the ice covered ramp and taxi ways should be done at minimum speed and with careful application of brakes. Position the airplane on a dry, ice-free area on the run-up area before starting the pre-takeoff run-up. Position the airplane so that your run-up will not blow ice chunks and snow into another airplane nearby.

     Cold weather will provide your engine a bit more power, so, having cleaned the airplane of frost and snow, enjoy the better climb performance and the winter landscape below.

FAA Medical Doctor Michael Nosko
Saturday, February 23rd, ’13
8:00 – noon : Call 609-921-3100 for appointment.
Walk-ins until 11:30.

You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.  No walk-in without a confirmation number.

News from the
Princeton Airport Flying Tigers39N Logo 
The January’s fly-in to KUNV was cancelled due to high winds & icing conditions. Join us when we try to fly there on February, 17, 2013.
Also, join us for coffee and bagels on Saturday, February 2, when we share our joys and frustrations of flying.
The next PAFT dinner is March 13, 2013

US Air Force Auxiliary


Somerset Squadron at Princeton Airport

Our Three Missions are Emergency Services – Cadet Programs – Aerospace Education


The Somerset Squadron and the New York City Group jointly conducted a two day training course for Airborne Photographer Qualification. The classroom training was at the Somerset County Emergency Services Training Academy. And the flight training was done out of the Princeton Airport as a Staging Area for Planning, Briefing, Flight Releases and De-Briefing of Aircrews.


There were six Aircrews who participated in the flight training for Aerial Photography. We flew several training Sorties. Three USAF Aux Aircraft were used to support the Training. They were two C182 G1000s and one C172N equipped for Civil Air Patrol Missions.  It was a successful operation.


A gratefulThank You to The Princeton Airport Ownership for supporting the Civil Air Patrol’s Mission for Civil Support and Community Service.


CAP’s ES missions are increasingin Disaster Relief tasking for the US Air Force, Federal, State and other Agencies. One of the significant services CAP provides is photo reconnaissance for damage assessment.


For those interested in joining the Somerset Squadron at the Princeton Airport or learning more about the Civil Air Patrol please visit us at one of our meetings.


For information about the Civil Air Patrol go to http://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/

Or contact Major Paul at John.Paul@NJWG.CAP.GOV


Squadron meetings from January thru March 2013 are scheduled for the first Monday of the Month from 6 pm until 9 pm in the Conference Room On the 2nd Floor