Flight Instruments Webinar with CFI Wesley Chin

Flight Instruments Webinar with CFI Wesley Chin

In this Princeton Flying School webinar, CFI Wesley Chin covers Flight Instruments, with topics including:

• Basics of the pitot-static and vacuum systems
• Gyroscopic principles of rigidity in space and precession
• The inner workings of each of the main six flight instruments
• How to detect pitot-static system blockage and what to do in the event it occurs
• Sample FAA written test questions related to flight instruments – use these to help prepare for your exam!

Wesley Chin, CFI, Princeton Flying School

Wesley Chin obtained his Certified Flying Certificate at the Princeton Flying School this past fall.  When he is not teaching students to fly, he is finishing his degree in Finance at Rutgers University.

Wesley's Google Slides Presentations and other resources: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yA3yZqgXXHd-60pz1yFPqnbeiGWtZRGS?usp=sharing

If you missed previous webinars by Wes, they posted on our PFS website: https://princetonflyingschool.com/category/webinars/