In the News

September issues of magazines bring folks affiliated with Princeton Airport into the news.

First, Costco Connection’s cover page features Campbells CEO, Denise Morrison. Denise and her husband, Tom, are both pilots and chose to base their airplane here.

Jon Nierenberg, elder son of Naomi and Dick Nierenberg, and brother of Ken, is featured in Alaska Magazine. Jon has lived in Alaska for 20 years. In the winter Jon takes clients into Denali National Park after a training session with the dogs and sled. For the summer season, Jon built Earthsong Lodge, just outside Denali (Mt. McKinley). Twelve cabins, Henry’s Roadhouse, and lots of dogs that now have a recently built dog barn.

Additionally, we were sent a disc of Clark Glenn’s “Introduction to Aviation”. Clark earned his Private Pilot’s License with us several years ago. LLC