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Calendar of Events
January, 2013
Happy New Year 2013
 1st:   New Year – Closed
 5th:  Meet ‘n Greet
Coffee & bagels
 9th:   PAFT Dinner
19th:  FAA Medical Doctor
8:00 – noon
For appointments
Walk-In ’til 11:30
20th:  PAFT Fly-In KUNV 
21st:  Martin Luther King,
Jr. Birthday
29th: Safety Seminar 7:00
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Marco Dracopoli/John Bastan

Micah Feiring/John Bastan
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Christoper Pawson/Bryan
James Van Raalte/John Bastan


To Curtis Jordan who stepped up to a brand new Epic!  What a beauty – happy flying.

1957 Cessna 182      

Total Time: 2580
SMOH: 1620 (O-470, 1961)
Wow, this 182 is in great shape!! Has had the same owner since 1961 – The interior is still covered in the original plastic (reminiscent of my Grandparents furniture!)
If you are looking for a sharp, ready-to-go classic, this is it! Come fly it home today!
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     2012 will be remembered as a year with shocking headlines, which continued throughout to the end.  As we look back, in New Jersey the weather probably will be foremost in the years to come.
Although last winter was delightfully mild, the summer saw violent storms and then, we’ll all remember Hurricane Sandy.  Although the airport came through in good condition, some of our customers lost their homes or sustained much damage, and the rebulding will continue for years.
     The economy and political headlines made many on edge – and the repercussions can be felt at every level.  But despite all of this, we continued with our services with training, seminars, and all of the other things airports do.
     Technology improved our security, services and communications as we try to keep up with the latest.
     Many new folks came to 39N which hosted the Green Mobility Show; White Elephant Show (for Princeton Hospital); Cannibeat Car Show (4000 in attendance); and finally Chanukah for the Record (see below).  Some knew the airport was here and never came in, while others never knew we existed!  Nost know where we are for Santa!
     Let’s hope that 2013 is a bit more peaceful and your flying will be more frequent and more fun.

 37th Annual Santa Fly-In
     After 37 years of the Santa Fly-In, you would think it couldn’t get any better, but each year it does.  More and more people help us to make this a memorable event for the kids
who were smiling from ear to ear.
     The elves were incredible – from directing traffic, serving cookies and cocoa ( and coffee this year), to crowd control.  We have so many people to thank, but there are several who just gave so much of their time.  Many thanks to:
      Pat McKinley – folksinger, who has been with us almost as long as we are at 39N, and broughts her children and now, grandchild.
     Chris Maslanka, who came to visit with Santa when he was a toddler, now a freshman in college, made sure we had to sound system and music for the the season.
     Janice’s Parties and Weddings, who provided the wonderful setting for Santa, so all of the photo opportunities will have a great background.
     Kathy Newman who made sure everything looked first class when the food was served.
     Dave Platzer who flew the Pilatus with Santa and the elves and gave a wonderful low pass for everyone to enjoy.
     Ernie Schirmer & PAFT for their continues support from year to year.
    And of course, we have our very own Santa (a.k.a. – Ken Nierenberg) who is entertaining, fun, and very patient with each child – even during the wonderful photo ops.
Gabrielle Nierenberg, who eloquently pronounced the ethnic names, clearly for everyone to hear.  The torch has been passed.
     Jack and James Nierenberg who were also great elves.
     To all of you who were so generous with the gifts for the Needy – over 30 large garbage bags were donated to Mercer County Board of Social Services,
     Richard Steiger, photographer extraordinaire, who documented this years event so beautiful.
Thank You – Thank You – Thank You – Thank You – Thank You – Thank You – Thank You
Santa 2012
Santa 2012


  Chanukah for the Record
On the 4th night of Chanukah over 834 people arrived at Princeton Airport with 5 candles (one for the leader) and a menorah.  The hangar was beautifully set up by the Princeton Jewish Community Center to try to break the Guinness Book of Records for the most menorahs lit at the same time.  (Previous record 713.)  Many folks poured into the maintenance hangar, some who had never been to the airport before.  There were very strict guidelines to make sure the record would be accurate.  There were objective judges to assure everyone lit the candles at the correct time.  Music and lights made the hangar very festive.  There was a backup of cars, as people came from far and wide.  (Some even flew in!.)

Princeton Airport Flying TigersBagels & Coffee
sponsors the 

Meet ‘N Greet
with coffee & bagels 
                 Saturday, January 5, 2013
10:00 – noon
As we embark on the New Year, let’s share our flying dreams, our flying accomplishments, and anything else while we enjoy coffee and bagels.  Please come and bring a friend.

Now that the holiday season has passed, it is time to focus on our hopes for 2013.  Many of you are pursuing a Private Pilot’s License.  We know the flying is fun, however frequently the ground work is time consuming and tedious.
If this describes you, think about joining our Private Pilot Ground School Class.This class will meet once a week for approximately 13 weeks for three hours per night.  When you sign up you will advise us of what day of the week is most convenient.  Then we will find the date that is best and set up the class.
Each week you will have had to read a chapter and the instructor will discuss the subject in class.  You will take the block quizzes and the final exam together.
Sign up at the front desk – we need about a dozen people so invite your friends to join us.  There is a nominal charge when you have the ground school package.

SAFETY CORNER – by Assistant Chief Pilot Peter Rafle
I just returned from a trip to Patagonia in Argentina. We were in Bariloche, known for the fine trout fishing, and world class soaring. The Andes Mountains are just to the west and the mountain wave produced by the prevailing winds this time of year is perfect for gliding record making.


One day, while breaking for lunch on the Limay River, I looked up to see the rare sight of   the buildup of those lens shaped lenticular clouds over the Andes. I momentarily forgot the trout I was pursuing and thought of the soaring opportunities of those clouds.



CFI Deandre Robinson
Monday, January 29th, 2013

7:00 – 10:00 pm
Every pilot and student pilot can use a refresher on the techniques of cold weather flying.  Please come and learn the safest way to fly during the winter.

VFR Over-The-Top
Chief Pilot John Bastan
VFR over-the-top must not be confused with VFR-on top. VFR-on-top is an IFR clearance that allows the pilot to fly VFR altitudes. VFR over-the-top is strictly a VFR operation in which the pilot maintains VFR cloud clearance requirements while operating on top of an undercast layer.
This situation might occur when the departure airport and the destination airport are reporting clear conditions, but a low overcast layer is present in between. The pilot could conduct a VFR departure, fly over the top of the undercast in VFR conditions, then complete a VFR descent and landing at the destination. VFR cloud clearance requirements would be maintained at all times, and an IFR clearance would not be required for any part of the flight.

  “Winter Operations”
In case of a storm, if you need to fly, please call Ken Nierenberg and he will try to get you airborne as soon as possible.  Call the office and we’ll put you on the list to plow out your area.  If you’re not planning to fly for a while, please don’t call to make sure those that have to fly, are able to.
Also, if you need a “pre-heat”, again called to airport and we’ll put you on the pre-heat list.  Please give us advanced notice, as you are among several others and the school planes which will have to fly.  Lastly, let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope for a milder winter.

Good Luck & Thanks
Our best wishes to Bryan O’Donnell who has been hired by Express Jets.  Bryan joined us a while ago, and he has touched many pilots by instructing and guiding them to their dreams.  We wish him good luck as he pursues his career.  Thanks.

FAA Medical Doctor Michael Nosko
Saturday, January 19th, ’13
8:00 – noon : Call 609-921-3100 for appointment.
Walk-ins until 11:30.

You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.  No walk-in without a confirmation number.

News from the
Princeton Airport Flying Tigers39N Logo 
December brought PAFT members in their elves outfits to help with the Annual Santa Fly-In.  Our participation is lots of fun, however we are very useful in crowd control, parking, and dispensing cookies and cocoa.  (Editor’s note – you did a great job.)
Start the New Year right and join us at the January 19th dinner meeting at th Hopewell Bistro.  Please sign up.  World traveler & story teller, Patricia Flores will lecture on Bats
 The January 20, 2013 fly-in will be to University Park, KUNV in State College, PA

US Air Force Auxiliary
Somerset Squadron at Princeton Airport


Public Affairs and Recruiting Event
Join us Monday the 7th of January Anytime Between 5 pm to 7 pm
In the Conference Room On the 2nd Floor


Our Three Missions are Emergency Services – Cadet Programs – Aerospace Education


Squadron meetings from January thru March 2013 are scheduled for the first Monday of the Month from 6 pm until 9 pm.


For those interested in joining the Somerset Squadron at the Princeton Airport or learning more about the Civil Air Patrol please visit us at one of our meetings.


For information about the Civil Air Patrol go to http://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/
Or contact Major Paul at John.Paul@NJWG.CAP.GOV