News from the Newhouse Family

Last year at this time we were working day and night to assure an appropriate celebration of the 100th anniversary of Princeton Airport.  It was a rousing success, culminating with the Centennial Open House in September.

One highlight was to meet Robert Newhouse and his son, Hayden, grandson and great-grandson of Richard A. Newhouse, airport founder.  Many of the rest of the family were able to attend our “Meet the Newhouses” last June.  Robert and Hayden planned to fly out in a 1931 Brunnerwinkle Bird.  Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate and a hard landing cut the trip short.

Hayden was the catalyst for the Centennial, as he emailed us when he was 14, and introduced himself.  From that point we were able to make contact with other Newhouses and the celebration plans flurished.

Additionally Hayden was planning to continue the Newhouse tradition on soloing on their 16th birthday on January 29, ’12, and so he did.  He became the 3rd generation of Newhouses to do so.

 Father, Robert, was asked  
to test fly Ann Morrow Lindbergh’s Brunnerwinkle
N797Y (see pictures).  It hadn’t been flown in over 50 years, and Bob successfully flew it in Kent Moor Air Park, MD.