Fleet of Aircraft at Princeton Flying School

Princeton Flying School has one of the largest fleet of airplanes in the area.
These airplanes are used for flight training  and airplane rentals.

Private Pilot Course Rate Sheet  (as of March 2024)

Airplane Checkout Sheet

If you are a student, you have the choice of airplanes:
Cessna 172P - (4 passenger) These airplanes are an earlier model.  They are equipped with dual Nav/Coms.
Cessna 172R & S - (4 passengers) These airplanes are newer with fuel injection engines & newer avionics.

DiamondDA4020054140 KnotsDual Nav/Coms, Garmin 10001 
Cessna172S20034115 KnotsFuel Injected, Garmin 430 WAAS GPS, dual axis autopilot, MFD, IFR1
Cessna 172S 1997115 Knots Fuel Injected, King Digital, IFR1
Cessna 172R19994115 KnotsFuel Injected, Garmin 430 WAAS GPS, IFR
Cessna  172R 19974 115 Knots Fuel Injected, King Digital, GPS, IFR 1
Cessna172P 1981 4 110 KnotsDual Nav/Coms 1

Airplane Rentals:  All of the above airplanes are available for rental after a thorough check-out. Some of the airplanes require additional instruction to meet insurance requirements. Extended periods for rentals can be arranged with prior notice. Many foreign pilots choose to come to Princeton Airport for its convenience, location, extensive fleet, and competitive pricing.

Rental Procedures:  A pilot can rent an airplane by the hour for regular flight. For a person who wishes to take a trip, he/she can rent the airplane for a day with the minimum of three hours during the week, while we require four hours for a 24 hour period for each weekend day. Any flights less than the minimum would pay the minimum, while flight longer than the minimum would be added. Rentals are "wet" with $100,000/seat insurance.To comply with Transportation Security Administration, you must bring proof of citizenship which we have to keep on file.  (Passport or birth certificate)

Want To Get Checked Out? Call the Princeton Flying School scheduling desk and we will have one of our instructors fulfill our checkout requirement.  If you wish to save time, download our AIRPLANE CHECKOUT SHEET and have it ready when you arrive at the airport.

Attention Foreign Pilots:  The United States is a member of ICAO (International Civilian Aviation Organization) which tries to facilitate flying in different countries with licenses from abroad. Frequently pilots come to the United States because flying is less expensive. If you wish to do so, you must comply with FAA regulations and apply prior to coming from abroad. Go to the FAA website, www.faa.gov . On the front page enter "Foreign Pilots" and you will find out the procedures which need to be followed prior to getting checked out with our instructors.