PAFT Hosts Zoom Meeting 6:30 pm November 11th

Princeton Airport's Flying Tigers

PAFT Zoom Meeting

Wednesday, November 11th at 6:30 (EST)PM.

From 7 to 8P we have a series of short presentations starting with McGuire ATC.
If you are interested and if you are not already on the PAFT email list, send me an email for the Zoom invite.
If you have received a Zoom invite for prior PAFT meetings in 2020, then you are likely already on our email list.

Starting at 7 we have:

·     McGuire Airspace safety alert for A-220 - McGuire ATC

o  Commentary by Ralph Baron

·     Jack Brown’s seaplane base - Bob Harris

·     Airport Design - Ernie Schirmer

·     Flying in NY Class B – Don Denny

President: Don Denny