During the months of July and August we offer free airport tours to the public. Whether those visiting are pre-schoolers or seniors, all will get a chance to enjoy the airport environment. This is also a positive way for the public to understand why we need airports. Date: Every Tuesday (weather permitting) Time: 10:30 am […]

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Good Luck & Welcome

Good luck to Milan Javaneic, who with his wife and daughter, have moved to Hershey, PA, where his wife has a new job, and so does Milan. Welcome to Aircraft & Powerplant mechanic, Robert Davis, Jr., who has joined our maintenance staff. Welcome aboard.

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Pinchhitters Course

The pinchhitters’ course is designed for the “significant other” who sits in the right seat. He/she is given four hours of ground instruction and 4 hours of air time in the plane in which (s)he will be the passenger. The result is that the passenger will be more comfortable with all those dials and digits […]

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Principles of Flight

by Chief Pilot John Bastan Atmosphere composition The atmosphere is composed of 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, and 1% other gases, such as Argon or helium. As some of these elements are heavier than others, there is a natural tendency of these elements, such as Oxygen, to settle to the surface of the earth, while the […]

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