Pinchhitters Course

The pinchhitters’ course is designed for the “significant other” who sits in the right seat. He/she is given four hours of ground instruction and 4 hours of air time in the plane in which (s)he will be the passenger. The result is that the passenger will be more comfortable with all those dials and digits on the panel. Communications is also an important component of the course. Between the ground and air time, the passenger will participate and enjoy the flights. Additionally, if something happens to the pilot, the pinchhitter can get the airplane down safely with assistance.

You might recall recently a pilot had a heart attack and his wife, who had a little prior training, was talked down safely. That’s the purpose. Over the years we have had great success with this course – some have actually continued with instruction and became pilots in their own right. So whether you have a fear of flying, or just want to be a better informed passenger, this course is right for you.

Instructor: Assistant Chief Pilot Peter Rafle
Date: Saturdays, July 14 & 21.
Time: !0:00 – noon
Cost for class (not flying): $75.00/person (Speak to front desk.)

Flying lessons will be arranged separately – Pete will explain.

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