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News from 39N 

APRIL, 2015 
Unicom:  122.7
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In This Issue
30 Years at 39N & Memorial
ATC Change
From the Right Seat
Bird Nesting Time
Safety Seminar
Platinum Helicopters
FAA Doctor
Condolences to the Quanci Family
Princeton Airport Flying Tigers

APRIL 2015
 3rd:  1st Night of
  5th:  Easter Sunday
21-26:  Sun ‘n Fun
22nd:  Earth Day
23rd:  Safety Seminar
  Cross Country
FAA Doctor – to be determined.
8:00 – noon
For appointments
call .


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As we move forward from a very challenging winter, we will be adding two new articles in our monthly newsletter.
The first will be stories about individuals’ experiences with Dick Nierenberg.  He left us with so many, many stories – whether advice, incite to a problem, or shear antics.  Dick was always entertaining, so please share your story in News from Princeton Airport to and we’ll try to incorporate them into the monthly news.
We welcome the news in this issue from Platinum Helicopters, a new operation on the field.  Let’s hear from the rotor wing group.

The Nierenberg Family  

 to Celebrates 30 Years at
with a
Memorial Celebration of
Sunday was an appropriate way to celebrate 30 years of purchasing Princeton Airport and the life of a great mover in aviation, Dick.  We all miss him and there is a strange feeling that comes over you when approaching his office. However he trained us all well and we will carry on in his tradition, less some of the goodies he always had in his desk drawers.
Friends came from far and wide to be with us – Israel, Ohio, Florida, and places in between.  There were many “reconnections” in the hangar.  Our friend from Israel, Irit Oshishkin, earned her license in 1989 when she was 18.  While here, she befriended Romaine Ketcha, a peer. They enjoy non-aviation things together and hadn’t seen each other since their training.  Romaine pursued aviation and finally is flying with United. She happened to wander in and spoke of her experience at 39N.  Irit’s eyes popped open to realize they were once again at the airport.

Todd Tomlinson worked at 39N in the maintenance shop in the 80s and lives in St. Louis with his wife and two daughters.  He drove in to be with us.

 New ATC clearance Phone Number:  516-683-2964     Same Frequency:  132.8

From the Right Seat
by Assistant Chief Pilot Peter Rafle


The recent crash of the German airbus is France has prompted a lot of discussion regarding pilot medical standards.  The event has also brought up the idea of a third crew member in the cockpit to maintain the “two pilot” rule instituted after 9/11.   In the crash of last week, the Captain left the cockpit to use the restroom and the co-pilot locked him out and then deliberately descended the aircraft into the ground.

It has been reported that Japan airlines have a third pilot qualified crew member on duty on all flights to replace a pilot who leaves the cockpit.  U.S. airlines have a policy to have a cabin attendant enter the cockpit to re admit the pilot who stepped out.  They only have extra pilots on boards for flights that require relief pilots due to the length of the flight.  American air carriers are doing everything they can to make a profit, so I think the idea of having to pay a pilot qualified third crew member just waiting to sit in the seat while the assigned pilot uses the restroom is a non-starter.

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After a very long winter, the birds are very anxious to do what they do in the spring – build nests a procreate.  Make sure that the airplane you’re flying doesn’t have a nest within the fuselage.  If you have one and need assistance, please ask at the counter. Remember a bird can build a nest in 45 minutes if necessary.  Do a thorough pre-flight.


Safety Seminar:



Thursday, April 23, 2015Time: 7-9:00pm

            Jeff Slutsky, CFII



FREE – Bring a friend.


Spring is here!!  First we would like to say thank you to the Princeton Airport family for making us feel right at home.  Platinum Helicopters has been busy since November 1st remodeling our new location.  We have updated our office from the ground up and are about to start our new training room for our students once the weather warms up.  Our website is up and running, feel free to check it out at  to learn more about us.

Platinum Helicopters would like to recognize some recent accomplishments.  First we would like to Congratulate Kate Drisco on becoming our first student to obtain her Private Pilot license with us!  We also would like to Congratulate Matthias Groeger on obtaining his Instrument rating.

So you’re a fixed-wing pilot?  Come on in for you add-on rating!  We have 3 full time instructors and we’re ready for YOU!  We offer initial training all the way to ATP.   We welcome all and anyone at the airport to come say hi.

   Hope to see you soon!

         Platinum Helicopters LLC

FAA Medical Doctor

Doctor Michael Nosko 

To be announced.
8:00 am – noon

Walk-ins ’til 11:30
Call 609-921-3100 for appointment.


1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.


You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.  No walk-in without a confirmation number.

Sympathy to the Quanci Family

Peter Quanci was one of our first base customers at 47N.  Pete owned a Ryan PT trainer ;early on and it was the last plane he owned.  Pete was a veteran of WWII and he had a air conditioning business on Staten Island.  Our thoughts are with his wife Connie, and his family.


Coming soon – ADSB is getting close.  Schedule your installation with us.

PAC has become a dealer – the only one in New Jersey and one of the first in the region.  We have done quite a few already and we have the experience to provide you with skilled service.


Our Price:  Starting at $4995 installed.
Call Ken – 609-731-4628.

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Princeton Airport
Flying Tigers

PAFT’s March meeting at Ya Ya Noodle in Skillman was just what we needed to put the winter behind us.


In addition to the regularly scheduled monthly fly-ins, members have been organizing lots of ad hoc trips to local airports to make up for lost time.


Next month four aircraft and nine members and guests will head to Sun ‘n Fun in Lakeland Florida for some forget-the-winter therapy. Guests are always welcome at PAFT events.
Just visit  for details.