Princeton Airport News – April 2016

Other than the cold predicted for this weekend, it is finally spring – longer daylight hours and pleasant days when the winds aren’t hauling.

     March and April are always memorable months for us in aviation.  March 29th was 31 years since our family bought the Princeton Airport.  Wow, what a ride.  And April 28th was the day that Dick Nierenberg left the furniture business for a career in aviation as the FBO at the then Kupper Airport in 1967.  It truly was a life changing event and one that none of us have regretted.

     In nearby Hunterdon County the Solbergs are still in litigation with Readington Township.  It was so nice to see Princeton Airport held as example of negotiations with the township as an ideal.  Hmmm?!?  Wish we knew the outcome back in the late’80s & early ’90s..

BIRDS’ NESTS It’s the time of year when the birds not only want to share the airspace,
but want to share the    space in your airplane.  Please preflight your
airplanes carefully as you might have a tenant in the plane where it
could lead to a fire.  They can build a nest in a matter of minutes, so check repeatedly.
SUMMER OIL – this is the time of the year when you should change
to summer oil.
Princeton Flying School has staff waiting for you to schedule seven days a week.  Call 609-921-3100.
From the Right Seat
Peter Rafle, Assistant Chief Pilot
Aviatrix – Part One
I recently attended a lecture about the women who became pilots in the early days of aviation. I had to admit that some of these remarkable people had been all but absent from my aviation education. In decades before and after the Wright brothers, women found it very difficult to obtain instruction in the United States, so several went to France to learn to fly. I will discuss of few of the most notable of these intrepid ladies.
Ruth Law, 1887-1970.

She bought her first airplane in 1912 from Orville Wright. She went on to set many records as the first women to fly a loop in an airplane, the first woman to make a night flight, and set a speed record on a flight from Chicago to New York.

In 1917 she was an instructor in the Army Air Corps, allowed to wear a military uniform, but not permitted to fly in combat. After World War I, she formed Ruth Law Flying Circus which flew a Curtiss and two Jennys. It was very successful ad included races against racing cars while flying 25 ft. above the cars. Her husband convinced her to give it up in 1922 and she moved to California.
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The FAA has mandated that all airplanes will be required to have ADS-B by 2020.  This equipment will provide radar centers more information for better traffic flow, plus many other benefits.
Garmin has just announced its new GTX 335 & 345 which is now available.  We have had a very positive response to this news and people are scheduling their upgrade.   If you need assistance with which unit best suits your need, please speak with Ken 609-731-4628.
Price:  “Out” – start $3495 installed.
           “In & Out” – start $4995 installed.
Check the Garmin website for more information:
CFII Michael Siniakin
April 21, 2016 7:00 PM
Bring a friend – Free! 


FOR SALE – Perfect for you!
1999 Piper Archer
Total Time 4045
Engine time 350 since Factory Remanufacture in 2004
June Annual
Current IFR
No Damage history
Garmin 530W,
King KX 155A
King KT76C trans King KN64
DME S-tec 30 with altitude hold
Ryan 9900 traffic ( inop)
Electric Trim Strobes
( No wheel Pants)
Asking $104,900 Contact
 Contact Ken Nierenberg at 609-731-4628 or   
1st Solo:

Charles Burns/Jeffrey Slutsky
Lyn Alford & your Piper Arrow
Paul Ford & your Cessna 182

NEWS from the
Next PAFT Fly-In scheduled for Sunday April 17 but destination to be determined…………
Meeting recap: Meeting was held on March 9th.
Ed Galkin was the speaker with presentation on Flying around the world in a
Cessna 210.
Any recent flight student at Princeton completing their “solo” or achieving Pilot’s License
is invited to our next dinner meetin “FREE” as our guest!!  Please contact us so we know how many dinners to serve.
Picnic scheduled for this September exact date to be determined at next meeting.
Please visit and sign up for this “Dutch treat dinner meeting”. Guests are welcome at all events so come join us to see what PAFt is all about.

Another great month at Platinum Helicopters.

With a great March behinds us a better April is ahead of us. Platinum Helicopters will be offering a Robinson R66 Turbine transition course as well as offering Charter flights in our Robinson R44 and Agusta 109E. We look forward to seeing everyone as the weather starts to get warmer.  :

Private Helicopter Pilots:
Dan Johnson
Instrument Helicopter Pilot:
Kate Drisco
 1st:  April’s Fools Day  Free Everything    
21st:  Safety Seminar Cross Country Flight 7:00pm
22nd:  Passover begins at sundown
FAA Medical Examiner 8 – noon To be determined
FAA Medical Doctor Michael Nosko
To be announced    bronze-medicine-symbol.jpg

8:00 am – noon

Walk-ins ’til 11:30
Call 609-921-310 609-921-3100 for appointment.

1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.

You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.
No walk-in without a confirmation number.