Princeton Airport News – August 2020

Challenging times have to be met with creative responses.  At 39N we have been able to conduct business and training, all the while utilizing the recommended safety procedures. As you will read, quite a few pilots have taken advantage of some of the wonderful weather (prior to the hot spell) and they have achieved their goals of licences.  Kudos to them and our staff for making this possible.
We try to keep you abreast of TFRs which pop up from time to time.  But please, make sure you check to find the latest information, so you don't make news for a violation.  Challenging - yes, but pilots are resourceful and will make things work.
Our usual summer tours and other gatherings have had to be cancelled, as so many wonderful events we usually enjoy during the summer will be postponed indefinitely. .
As difficult as it is for us to conduct business, we recognize that there are so many business that are fighting for survival and individuals who are in dire straits.
Safe flying.  Wear your masks.
Watch out for TFRs!!!
July, 2020 Completions
Princeton Flying School
1st Solos:
Sachin Smart/CFI Peter Mercuro
Alexa Zammit/CFI Peter Mercuro
Private Pilots:
Damon Yuhasz/CFI Saad Sheikh
*Vaibhav Patel/CFII David Dilauro
Sean Richmond/CFI Saad Sheikh
Instrument Pilot:
Kingshuk Ghosh/CFII Stephen Hansell
Commercial Pilot:

Wesley Chin/CFII Sal Parsi

*Counter Guy Extraordinaire


President:  Don Denny

While the Princeton Airport Flying Tigers are still unable to meet in person, we have now had two online meetings with guest speakers using Zoom. The format has been very popular with more than 25 attendees for each meeting.

On July 15, our guest Capt. Brad Rohdenburg joined us from NH and shared stories of his time as  Marine F4 Phantom pilot and subsequently as a pilot for American Airlines. For the last several years, Brad has been a long haul pilot flying the 787 over the pole to Asia, including Beijing. Previously he regularly flew the Atlantic, most often to Paris. The online format allows us to have participants from far away, who otherwise would be unable to make our in-person meetings. Distance record so far is Raunaq Singh Panwar who was in Istanbul for the call.
The next PAFT meeting is Tuesday September 9. I suspect we will still be in Zoom format. Speaker to be announced, and all are welcome to tune in.
PAFT Mini-Fly-Ins:
The PAFT Mini Fly-Ins (MFIs) continue (5 trips this month) as weather allows and airport restaurants sort out their plans to open based on State requirements (Indoor vs outdoor) and specific COVID restrictions. For the most part we only fly to restaurants with outdoor dining.  To help sort this out we have placed a Airport Restaurant Guide for the surrounding states on our PAFT website:

In addition we have reflected on our PAFT-MFIs for the last few years from 2017 to date.  Our photos from these flights have been collected in a Video also posted on the PAFT website: 

If your interested in joining the PAFT-MFIs please contact Ben Gazdowicz at   All are welcome!

It is quite feasible to fly to other airports now as services are being provided, i.e. fuel, etc.  So take advantage of the weather and plan a trip.
Sounds like a great time to rent a plane from Princeton and go someplace for a few days. . . .
How about:
Lancaster, PA and check out the Amish. . .
Myrtle Beach and get some golfing in (send your clubs ahead by UPS - more room for other luggage /toys). . .
Ocean City NJ  and walk to the beach -- OK want to get out of New Jersey. . .
Ocean City, MD. . .
Block Island --just on the other side of Long Island . . .
Martha's Vineyard anyone?
Montauk Airport?  quick access to the beach. . . .
Into history?   Kitty Hawk works. . .

Any questions, contact us.

Note:  Fly early, as the airplane performs much better in the hot weather.  Also, later in the day we have thunderstorms pop up.
1980 Cessna 172RG
Total time 6280
895 since factory major overhaul 2008
895 Since prop overhaul
January annual
Complete logs
Gear up 2008
Cessna RT385 Nav com
Mitchell 385M
Nav ComGarmin 327 Trans
Asking $44,900
Ken Nierenberg - 609-731-4628; email:
IS Working!!!
From The Right Seat
Peter Rafle, Chief Pilot Emeritus
I recently saw an article discussing the Foynes Flying Boat and Maritime Museum in Foynes, Ireland and the famous actress, Maureen O'Hara.  She had a long and successful movie career, appearing in many films with John Wayne (The Quiet Man).  She would have been 100 years old on August 17, 2020.  She was also Pan Am Captain Charles Blair's fourth wife and a major patron of the museum. Charles Blair was a remarkable airman and the winner of the Harmon Trophy for his record-breaking single engine long distance Polar flights.  This is a story of how I spent a memorable time with them both on Captain Blair's retirement flight.
In July 1969, I was just in my first year as a Pan AM First Officer/Navigator.  I was based in San Francisco flying Boeing 707s on routes throughout the Pacific.  It was during one of these two-week trips when, as I was on reserve, schedules called to assign me to a flight the next day to Bangkok and Hong Kong.  When I arrived at Crew Schedules, there were a lot more people than normal milling around including photographers, reporters and curious employees.  Soon enough, I discovered the excitement was caused by a striking red headed woman, none other than Maureen O'Hara Blair.  She had taken leave from a movie she was filming with Jackie Gleason and Shelley Winters, "How do I love thee."
If you still need to comply with the ADSB, now is the time as we have a few openings in the shop. The shop is starting to catch up, so if you have any deferred maintenance or any other upgrades, lets get you on the schedule.
Garmin has many new products that are really amazing. Look at the G5, GI 275, And many other cool stuff.  Maybe an engine monitoring system.  Maybe the new Garmin 500/600 auto-pilot.
Check out the greatest portable GPS, Aero 760, with connections to the GTX series that loads flight plans, databases,weather and traffic are just a few operations this new unit can do.
Price:  $1499.
Things will get better and we will be flying soon.  Be ready with some new equipment. When this opens up, you will enjoy your new toys.
Remember, fly your planes and have fun!!!  

August, 2020

August 22:  FAA Medical Doctor
8:00 to noon.  Call 609-921-3100 for appointment.
All regularly scheduled events at the airport will be on hold until further notice. For any changes, we'll shout it out.
FAA Medical Doctor Michael Noskobronze-medicine-symbol.jpg
August 22nd, 2020
8:00 am - noon

Walk-ins 'til 11:30
For appointments:  609-921-3100

1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.

You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.
No walk-in without a confirmation number.

If you weren't able to participate, go to our website for recorded Zoom.
It appears that communication via Zoom will be here for the near future, and although it can't replace in person contact, let's make the best of technology.  So if you have suggestions for future Zoom meetings - with Ken or other notables from the airport, please let me know.  It can be technical, historical, current rules, etc.  Let us know what your preference for future gatherings, send me an email to .

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