Princeton Airport News – December 2020

Happy Holidays!

As we close out 2020, we could say, “Goodbye & Good Riddance”. However, despite the pandemic, the TFRs, the contentious election, and the economy, we are still here and we look forward to a better 2021. Everyone of us have been challenged by all of it, but there is something very comforting to be able to fly. So once we were able to comply with the regulations, we managed to continue our operations. We had to reevaluate our operations, and we did it better and safer.

We’d like to thank all of you for your patience and cooperation. Some of you fulfilled long held dreams of learning to fly or buying an airplane. We hope that 39N has been a place that helped you through these goals.

The editor of this newsletter would like to thank the many contributors who help bring our news monthly to you: Debbie Nosko for Mike Nosko; Peter Rafle for his monthly column; the flight coordinators who get the frantic phone calls from me; Don Denny for the Tigers; Ben Gazdowicz for the mini-fly-ins. This is a collaborative effort and together we apprise you of the latest.

So to all of you, safe flying, safe distancing, stay healthy and a very HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!!!

James Nierenberg, Coordinator
After amending our annual Santa event, we were advised by the County that they didn’t even want gift donations as the office of frontline workers were overwhelmed by Covid.
James will now lead a drive to collect canned and/or box food for which we will have boxes in the lobby. Please be generous, as the need is huge. As boxes fill, James and his helpers, will bring the food to area foodbanks. It would help if you bring your donations by December 20th.
Additionally, there will be an envelope for checks made out to the Foodbank of Somerset County.
We have all watched that “big plane” on the ramp which arrived almost two years ago from South Africa. The hurdles that the owner had to jump to make this DC-3 airworthy in the United States, were monumental, but lo and behold, it finally flew at the end of November.
Check out this video courtesy of Zinger Aviation Media
(You might want to wear earplugs.)
Princeton Flying School Accomplishments for November,2020
1st Solos:
Alexander Sack/CFI Peter Mercuro
Brian London/CFI Peter Mercuro
Tim Stump/CFI Peter Mercuro
Zackary Marner/CFI Saad Sheikh
Certified Flight Instructor:
Saad Sheikh/CFII David DiLauro
December Calendar of Events:
9th: Princeton Airport’s
Flying Tigers Zoom Meeting
6:30 – chat time
7:00 – meeting – Join in.
10th: 1st Night of Chanukah
12th: FAA Medical Doctor
8:00 – noon
Call 609-921-3100 for appointment
20th: Last day to bring Food for the Needy .
(Administration building closed)
26th: Happy Kwanza
31st: New Year’s Eve – Happy 2021.
Through the generosity of Montgomery Boy Scout Troop 46, we have received this lovely wreath once again. Many thanks to its members for making 39N enjoy the holidays.
Andrew Divine, presenting.
Princeton Airport Duffle Bag

COMING IN JANUARY – Princeton Pilot Shop

We are in the process of building an online ‘Princeton Pilot Shop’ soon to be offering all sorts of Princeton Airport and Princeton Flying School apparel and gifts.
We will be opening on January 1st since we could not guarantee delivery by the December Holidays.
FAA Medical Doctor Michael Nosko
Saturday, December 12th, 2020
8:00 am – noon
Walk-ins ’til 11:30
For appointments: 609-921-3100
 Schedule: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.
You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.
No walk-in without a confirmation number.
As a precaution, please start the airplane engine at low RPM so the oil can move around and lubricate. The most damage is done in the first start of the day.
If it snows, if you are a tie down or hangar customer, and you want to fly, please contact the front desk and we will plow you out.  Please give us sufficient notice so Ken can do several aircraft at once while he’s out plowing.
(Now that Ken said all that, it will not snow. Hopefully.)
1979 Cessna 185F
Total time 6250
Engine time since new 2590 (2001)
Time since top overhaul 1100
Prop time since new STC 3 blade 2590
Fresh annual – Complete logs – No major damage
Factory corrosion proofed
Hangared in Midwest
Garmin 530W
PS Engineers audio panel
King KX 155 with GS – King KN64 DME
King KT76A trans – Garmin 330ES ADSB Trans
S-Tec 50 Autopilot – 950 Stormscope
Second set of copilot instruments
Garmin 496 GPS – Speed Kit/ Gap seals
Rosen Visors – Oil separator
STC Exhaust extensions
JPI 700 Engine monitoring system
New metal panel
Landing lights in the wing tips
Observation windows
Excellent paint and interior
One of a kind excellent aircraft
Asking 159,500
Contact Ken Nierenberg at 609-731-4628 for details
From the Right Seat
Chief Pilot Emeritus Peter Rafle
One of the happiest days of my life was when I was hired by Pan American Airlines in August 1968. I was in one of the last two classes hired, starting on the same day, one in New York, and mine, starting in San Francisco.  I had joined the airline that had established the longest over water route system the world had ever seen. The story of Pan American starts with Juan Trippe, the founder and deal maker who had the vision, ordered the airplanes capable of the range and load capacity to make it all work and made the deals to carry the whole enterprise.
Juan Trippe was a U.S. Naval Aviator in World War I. His father was a New York City based banker with strong political connections in Washington D.C. and beyond. Returning home after WW I, Trippe attended Yale University, where he established a flying club in New Haven. Juan was always in touch with the “right” people, including his Yale classmates who proved very helpful in later years. After Yale, he left his father’s bank and set up Long Island Airways, willing to fly in any direction. After it failed, he tied up with John A. Hambleton, another ex-WWI pilot, and Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney. They puta bid in for the New York-Boston airmail route in competition with Colonial Air Transport. This, too, failed but through manipulations, and the mail contracts, in 1927, they acquired the Aeromarine Airways route which operated a fleet of Fokker 10 passenger aircraft to fly between Key West and Havana. They renamed the company Pan American Airways.
News from the Princeton Airport’s Flying Tigers
Don Denny, President
Dear Fellow Pilot,
Our monthly Zoom PAFT meetings have had an enthusiastic crowd. Last month we heard short presentations on using ATC in McGuire Airspace, Jack Brown’s seaplane school, and FAA airport design considerations. There was lot of commentary.
The next meeting of the Princeton Airport Flying Tigers will be Wednesday December 9 at 630P. Starting at 7 we will have 3 presentations:
“Notes on NY Class B transition”, Don Denny
Flying the FRZ to the MD3 airports, Don Denny
 “How the Wing got its lift”, Philippe Marchal
All are invited. If you are not currently a PAFT member or are not already on the PAFT mailing list, please contact Don Denny at for the Zoom link for the meeting. Student Pilots are welcome.
Ben Gadzowicz
There was still some good weather in November for outdoor breakfasts allowing for 5 PAFT-MFI’s.  With the surge in COVID cases and uncertain restrictions on travel in neighboring states we made all of our trips to NJ Airport diners. I am not sure what December will bring but it seems Verna’s Flight Deck at KMIV has a partially enclosed area with heaters that maybe a frequent MFI stop. Join us!
You can find the PAFT-MFI restaurant guide on our website:
How about an avionic improvement for your holiday gift. Need some guidance, Santa, (a.k.a. Ken Nierenberg) is currently available to guide you through this decision. Safety & Useful.
Be prepared. Get your plane ready for winter flying. Think about installing a pre-heater, so when things are stressful or you just
want to fly, you are able to do so readily.
Pre-Heater Installation – $300.+
The Princeton Flying School Podcast is hosted by Pete Rafle, Princeton Flying School Instructor Emeritus. In each episode Pete interviews some of the pilots and colorful characters here at Princeton Airport, as well as sharing a few flying stories and teaching tips of his own gained from his 55 years in the air.The Princeton Flying School Podcasts are recorded at the Princeton Airport and are produced by HG Media. You can hear our podcast on our PFS website as well as on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.
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