Princeton Airport News – December 2021

Happy Holidays

The holiday season is officially upon us! As we move towards winter and snow, the flying does not stop at the Princeton Airport. This fall was definitely an exciting one as Ken's youngest son, James, completed his PPL. Although the Santa Fly In is cancelled this year, we will be collecting toys for those in need. And if you're planning on giving a creative The Princeton Airport Flying Tigers will resume fly ins this month, heading to Maryland. They will also be hosting a Zoom meeting with the subject: "I declared (or wish I had declared) an emergency" Last, but not least - we will be selling some clothing and gear sporting the Princeton Airport Logo, some items are already available.

Young Nierenberg Aviators

The Young Nierenberg Aviators

All 3 Nierenberg Kids are Officially Licensed Pilots

Congratulations James for completing his private pilot's license. Aviation has been in the Nierenberg blood for 3 decades, and Ken's third child, James Nierenberg, has joined the family of pilots. This is a really special accomplishment as an individual and as a family. There is something special about flying.
Their first trip together was up the Hudson River the day after James passed. Nothing like unleashing a whole family of pilots in the air at the same time.

The Perfect Holiday Gift!
An Introductory Flying Lesson at the Princeton Airport

Share the experience of a lifetime by giving the gift of flight. While the supply chain may be affecting many shipments this year.. it is not slowing down the distribution of Introductory Flying Lesson Gift Certificates.
This holiday season, stop in or purchase online a one-hour Introductory Flying Lesson. There is no need to convince you how wonderful flying is, but to be able to give the gift of flight is priceless.
dad snow plow

Winter Operations and Snow Removal

As a precaution, please start your airplane engine at a low RPM so the oil can move around and lubricate. The most damage is done on the first start of the day. As always, the runway and taxi way will be cleared, but when it comes to your hanger we ask that you please let us know in advance that you want to be plowed out. (Now that Ken has said all this, hopefully it will not snow!)
Wesley Chin at Garmin Flight Simulator

Have you tried our fully certified Garmin Flight Simulator?
Now's the time!

The importance of using an FAA certified flight simulator -- not unlike the one at the Princeton Flying School, (from
1 - Proficiency
Like any job, it’s important to stay up to speed with all the basic mechanics. If you’re a pilot, it’s necessary that you remain proficient in IFR procedures and can load a flight plan and manage the workload effectively. Being confident with this is a way of improving safety and increasing the enjoyment of your flying.
A simulator makes a great training tool because it allows you to explore the operation of these complex systems at your own pace, in a safe environment without racking up expensive flight hours. You can practice all the things you would normally do so you can get the most out of your aircraft when you are actually flying it.
2 - Muscle Memory
Repetition helps us form procedural memory, which allows repeated movements to become second nature to us and ultimately help in stressful situations. Instinctively knowing where to reach and the feel of the knob or button you want to use makes a real difference in high workload scenarios.
Our sim makes it easier to develop this muscle memory as they have identical layouts & dimensions to the real systems. Having buttons, knobs and LED indicators matched exactly to those found in the real airplane allows you to practice more effectively while developing muscle memory. You develop a type of unconscious competence.
3 - Gain Confidence
The less you fly, the harder it is to feel confident when faced with the challenging conditions of a flight. It’s important to have that assurance in yourself when your responsibility is so high and the only way to get better is practice. Real world flight training with your CFI is a key part of maintaining proficiency, but this can be effectively supplemented with effective practice on a simulator. Also, maybe you’re heading to a new destination and have never been to a particular airport, with realistic scenery, foreflight integration and virtual ATC you can simulate the complete arrival, approach and landing before you ever have to do it for real which is great for situational awareness in both VFR and IFR flying.

Have you updated your credit card in Flight Schedule Pro?

We have made a seamless transition to Flight Schedule Pro, but there is one thing we need your help with. If you have not already, please update your credit card by December 15th and make sure it is for use on Flight Schedule Pro.

You can do this online through your Flight Schedule Pro account (not on the app, specifically on the desktop ) or you can call us/stop by. If you need any assistance or have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Santa Fly In Cancelled this Year

For more than 40 years, Princeton Airport has hosted a popular Santa Fly In event for the greater Princeton area children and their families. Throughout the years, Santa's Fly In has evolved into a wonderful annual even for local families to exchange gifts, as well as donate food and gifts for those less fortunate. However, due to the Covid concerns for the health and safety of our community, this year's Santa Fly In will be cancelled.
Starting on November 26th, Black Friday, we will be collecting food and gifts for donation at the airport. Please continue to open your hearts this holiday season.
Jack and Cameron

Happy Movember !

In case you came across some of our staff looking wonderfully stylish in their mustaches, here are two of them. Both Jack and CFI Cameron rocking their Movember Mustache to raise awareness for men's health issues.

Collecting Holiday Donations

While Santa will not be visiting 39N this year, we will continue collecting toys for those in need. Santa's helper is here to welcome your unwrapped gifts anytime before December 20th.
Santas Helper


We will be back in January

There will be no Zoom Webinars this month, we will resume our Zoom Webinars in January. In the meantime, check out all of the previous Webinars on our website:
Princeton Flying School logo

Princeton Flying School Milestones during November, 2021

1st Solo:
Agam Singh/ CFII Steve Hansell
Private Pilot:
Michael Jones/ CFI Nick Pengue
James Nierenberg/ CFI Kris Hendrickson
FAA Medical
FAA Medical Doctor Michael Nosko will be here EVERY Wednesday, December 1st, 8th, 15th, and the third Saturday, December 20th, 2021
8:00 am - noon
Walk-ins 'til 11:30
For appointments: 609-921-3100
 Schedule: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.   
You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.
No walk-in without a confirmation number.

December 2021 Calendar of Events:

1st: FAA Medical Doctor 8:00 am-noon
4th: PAFT Fly In to Easton and Massey
8th: FAA Medical Doctor 8:00 am-noon & PAFT Meeting with
15th: FAA Medical Doctor 8:00 am-noon & update credit card for Flight Schedule Pro
18th: FAA Medical Doctor 8:00 am-noon
20th: Last day to bring presents for donation
25th: Christmas Day
31st: New Years Eve! Happy 2022!
snoopy december
christmas wreath for airport 2021



Thank You!

Through the generosity of Montgomery Boy Scout Troop 46, we have received this lovely wreath once again. Many thanks to its members for making 39N enjoy the holidays. Andrew Divine, presenting.

From the Right Seat

Chief Pilot Emeritus Peter Rafle CFI ATP

What's your AQ?
For this month, I thought a short end year quiz might be fun, and challenging.  In my TWA airline
ephemera collection, I have a booklet titled “What’s you’re A.Q.? It contains 50 questions that test the passengers’ knowledge of then current aviation and related subjects.  We go back to 1948, when every row had window seats.
I have selected ten questions from the booklet.  The answers are located at the end of this months’ newsletter.  Enjoy!


Princeton Flying School Podcast ~ New Episodes Coming Soon!

The Princeton Flying School Podcasts are recorded at the Princeton Airport and are produced by HG Media. You can hear our podcast on our PFS website as well as on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcast.
News from the Princeton Airport's Flying Tigers
Don Denny, President
Next PAFT Meeting Wednesday, December 8th at 6:30 pm
Saturday December 4th is our fly-in to Easton and Massey. Please consider joining us and sign up at Easton has a great on-field restaurant for brunch, following which we will go visit the museum at Massey, served by a 3000 ft grass strip.
The next PAFT meeting will be Wednesday, December 8, at 6:30P via Zoom. Our session will be “I declared (or wish I had declared) an emergency”, and starts at 7 after our usual club business. The format is “What was the problem, what did you do, and what did you find to be the cause of the problem? What do you wish you had done differently in hindsight?” I anticipate some discussion and questions on each story, and in fact some of us may second-guess our own actions. Tune in.
Please RSVP for the meeting on the PAFT sign up page
Fly safe,
Don Denny
PAFT President



Princeton Airport’s Flying Tigers Mini-Fly-Ins
Ben Gazdowicz
We made use of the beautiful November weather by visiting 4 airports in 6 flights. The flight to KPOU Poughkeepsie, NY is always a beautiful one and the food at Paula’s Runway Café “is quite good” per Don Denny.
Plenty of time to fly before Christmas, so join us!
PAFT Restaurant guide: REVISED FORMAT
PAFT membership:
Ben Gazdowicz -
PAFT Restaurant guide: UPDATED!!!
PAFT membership:
PAFT MFI: Ben Gazdowicz -


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Raritan Valley Flying School

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