Princeton Airport News – February 2018

January always seems like such a long month with cold dark days.  And then February, as fickle as it can be, is short.  So we’re only 39 days until Daylight Savings Time returns and 48 days until Spring.
Below you will read about our new security chief, opportunities for first solo students and new private pilots, and discounts in the Gift Shop.  Check it out.
If there is something that you would like at 39N, let our staff know, so perhaps we can integrate it into our services.
Newly Appointed Security Chief
Welcome to Princeton Airport our newest addition of staff, Layla, a two year old Australian Shepard.  Most likely she will greet you at the dog with a smile and roll over for a belly rub.
We try to remove any accumulation of snow to open the runway and taxiways as quickly as possible. At times it’s too little to plow.  If you have a trip planned, please call the airport and we will do our best to get you out.
If the snow if substantial, we will try to get you out as soon as possible.
From the Right Seat
Assistant Chief Pilot Peter Rafle
   Here it is, the first of February!  Have you noticed that the days are getting longer?  Sunset is inching towards 6 pm.  That means that the pre-flight inspection before flying at night can be accomplished with some light other than a flashlight.   What? You don’t fly at night?  Let’s talk about that for a few minutes.
   Take a survey of most general aviation groups and you will find many pilots who have not flown at night since working on their private pilot certificate.  The reasons range from “too dangerous” to “haven’t kept up my currency”, to just “why should I?”  However, I actually like night flying.   Let’s examine how pilots can fly safely at night, and enjoy it too.
   We should start at the definition of night which is found in 14 CFR, part 1.  “Night means the time between the end of evening civil twilight and the beginning of morning civil twilight, as published in the American Air Almanac, converted to local time.”  The period of civil twilight changes relative to geographic location as well as time of year.  It can range from 15 to 20 minutes, but it could be nearly an hour, or any time in between.  This is important because only the flying that takes place during the period defined as “night” in CFR 14 part 1 can be logged as night flight.
In Memoriam
Richard (Dick) Nierenberg
Gone but not forgotten.

Princeton Flying School’s 
2nd Annual Jeopardy Quiz
Unfortunately, due to various conflicts, attendance was poor.  We are considering holding it in the future.
Utilities included
January Achievements –  CONGRATULATIONS!!!

1st Solo:
Buwei Hu/CFI Michael Siniakin
Boyang Yu/CFII Steve Hansell
Nathaniel Valenza/CFI Steve Hansell
Paul Ford & your upgrade to a Cirrus.
Nir Granot & your brand new Cirrus.
ADBS Solution is in stock.  Install the New GDL 82 which complies with the 2020 FAA Mandate for ADSB out for prices starting at $2495 installed.  See or talk to Ken


New ADSB coming out soon.  Starting at $2900 installed.
It has many new features included.
Receiver required.


We have lots of used equipment available for installation.  See Ken.

ALL GIFT ITEMS – 50% off.
(Does not include pilots supplies, books, and avionics.)

NEWS from the
   PAFT kicked off the New Year with dinner at Ya Ya Noodles on January 10th.
A vote was held to offer free PAFT Membership for 1 year to any student who solos or receives a rating at Princeton Airport in 2018. This measure passed with flying colors!
Contact Gabriel Hernandez to redeem this offer. – PAFT welcomes Ross Blair, our newest member to The Flying Tigers! Ross is currently working on his Private Pilot License at Princeton Airport.
Our next dinner meeting will be March 14th, 2018. Details to follow. Guests are always welcome at PAFT events and dinners.
For more information, visit 
FAA Medical Doctor Michael Noskobronze-medicine-symbol.jpg

February 17thTo be announced.
8:00 am – noon

Walk-ins ’til 11:30
For appointments:  609-921-3100

1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.

You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.
No walk-in without a confirmation number.
CALENDAR OF EVENTS – February, 2018                
 2nd:  Ground Hog Day – will he see his shadow?
14th:  Happy Valentine’s Day
17th:  FAA Doctor 8:00 – noon
19th:  Presidents’ Day
NOTE:  Daylight Savings Time – March 11th.
Spring – March 20th!!!
1978 Cessna 182


For more information:
Contact Ken Nierenberg at 609-731-4628 for details.

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