Princeton Airport News – February 2020

Well, we got through January without any major weather events. So with 48 days until Spring, we can appreciate the incremental increase of longer days and hopefully, some milder temperature.
There are quite a few changes coming, effective February 1st, so please check out the news.
For a New Year resolution, join PAFT and go on its fun fly-ins and meet fellow pilots.
And I have made a New Years resolution to proof read more carefully as last month's newsletter had numerous errors, for which I apologize.
RIchard "DICK" Nierenberg
1933 -2015
Dick started this dream.
Sorely missed, but his legacy lives on.
Also, in case we have snow - and you are planning to fly, please contact Steve for help to get your airplane airborne.  If you are not flying, we will get to your airplane as we continue snow removal, unless you need it sooner. Thanks.
     As of February 1, 2020, our prices of instruction and aircraft rental will increase approximately 10%. The exact amounts for each plane and the instruction can be found at
        Over the last several months, we have experienced an overall 34% increase in insurance coverage for the planes and the associated training, as well as a 15% increase in mainten-ance costs.  This is despite that fact that we haven't had a claim in years.
       The Princeton Flying School is committed to offering you the instruction and plane rental as we have in the past and with great service as you expect. We are working on additional ways to minimize the impact of the increase while still achieving your lesson and rental needs.
     For example, also starting in February, we are testing self-scheduling online -scheduling without calling the front desk. This will start with some renters in February and plan to roll-out for the remainder of the customers over the next 2 months.
     $5.00 headset rentals still remain as well as our 5% bonus when you pre-pay $1000.00 in cash or check on your account.
     Princeton Flying School appreciates your continued lessons and flying with us through this change. Questions? Please reach out to anyone at the front counter for assistance.

January, 2020 Achievements
Bad weather, especially on the weekends, has had a detrimental effect on student training.  See you next month.
February, 2020
  14th  Valentine's Day
  17th:  Presidents Day
22nd:  FAA Medical Doctor   8:00 - noon
  26th:  Ash Wednesday
29th:  Leap Year Day!!!
Starting February 1, 2020, the delivery of FAA written exams will change at the Princeton Airport.
The content of the tests will remain, however the process of registering to take the test will change.
To register and schedule an FAA written exam, each applicant must get an FTN (FAA Tracking Number) from IACRA ( website.  You may already have an FTN if you have a rating e.g. private pilot certificate, instrument rating etc. If not, you must go to and register to obtain one.  The FTN will be needed to register for an FAA exam.
Once you have an FTN, then you either can to go to the website or call 1-844-704-1487 to schedule by phone.
This process is the same if you want to take an FAA written exam next week or walking in (before you walk in, you must still follow the same procedure mentioned above.)
Of course, if you have any questions, call the front desk and either Alex, Nick or Vaibhav will assist.
From The Right Seat
Peter Rafle, Chief Pilot Emiteritus
I recently read an article that stated that the North magnetic pole was moving west at an increasing rate. The north pole has always been moving due to influences of the earth's core. If the north pole is moving, it would follow that the earth's magnetic field is also changing as a result. We fly airplanes using a magnetic compass that indicates magnetic headings that we choose based on applying magnetic variation to a specific true heading that will lead us to our destination. If the north pole is moving, then the value of magnetic variation will change for any geographic point on earth. To ensure that pilots know what the magnetic variation is for navigation purposes, the FAA reevaluates the shifts in the pole (magnetic variation) about every five years and makes changes to runways and flight procedures as needed. Sectional charts are printed every six months and a chart supplement is published every 56 days to inform pilots of changes pertaining to navigation. So, the FAA should be able to keep pace with any global magnetic alterations.
In the 1770's, Captain Cook located the north pole in northern Canada. Since then, the pole has slowly drifted across the Canadian Arctic. But the North Pole is moving at an increased rate. Ten years ago, it was moving North-Westward at about 40km/year. In 2019, the rate of this north-westward movement had reached 56km/year.   In February 2019 the pole was located at 86.54N, 170.88 E. over the Arctic Ocean.
Fly your Valentine some place for lunch of dinner.
Give an Introductory Flying Lesson to your special person.
Give a headset to your sweetie.
Forget the candy or roses, these are lasting suggestions..

NEWS from the
Dinner meeting will be held on March 11th - place to be determined.
PAFT Mini-Fl-Ins:
No only has Ben Gadzowicz been a creative leader to get these mini-fly-ins off the ground, but he also keeps great data.

This group is informal and communicates online.  All you
have to do is contact Ben and you can partake.  If you have a destination that you'd like to fly to, you can suggest it to them.
If you're interested in these fly-in, please contact
Ben: You can become one of these
"good" statistics.
We will have a few openings soon.  Contact Ken - 609-731-4628

In the latest episode of the Princeton Flying School Podcast, Pete Rafle sat down with Colin Unsworth, ex US Air Force Colonel, and retired FedEx Captain. Pete and Colin discussed a wide range of aviation topics and shared stories regarding flight training, weather conditions, military operations, flying passengers, flying cargo, flight emergencies, and even a UFO sighting.

The Princeton Flying School Podcasts are recorded at the Princeton Airport and are produced by HG Media. You can hear our podcast on our website: as well as on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.
FAA Medical Doctor Michael Noskobronze-medicine-symbol.jpg
February 22nd, 2020
8:00 am - noon

Walk-ins 'til 11:30
For appointments:  609-921-3100

1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.

You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.
No walk-in without a confirmation number.
Raritan Valley Air, Raritan Valley Flying School and Princeton Flying School's

is current, thanks to our webmaster.
As you probably are aware, the pilot shortage of the airlines filters down to the local level through the flight schools, charters, etc.  At the same time there is more interest in becoming a professional pilot, which we all know is costly.  Pilot Finance, Inc, does provide financing for flight training.  For information contact .