Princeton Airport News – February 2024

Feb 24 newletter

Longer Days are Coming!

This month was full of all things winter - snow, wind, clouds, and cold. Thanks to our amazing snow plow team, we were open within no time, even before Trenton. We had a few flights land here, at 39N, instead. Despite the weather, we were still flying - with two student solos on the same day and a pilot who passed his checkride, along with various written tests that were passed.

We hope February is filled with better weather and lots of flying. If anyone remembers last February, it was mild and filled with days that were great for flying. This is a great time to start that next rating or continue on to finish. Who wouldn't want to go on an adventure this summer in their new plane, or with their new license, or even new rating?

Starting this month, we are accepting submissions for photos of the month. The winner gets a Princeton Airport T-shirt. Details are included below this month's photo.

As winter is still around, be sure to read on about winter operations. Plan ahead when it comes to the snow and ice.

Avionics installations have expanded. Check out the latest and greatest avionics for your aircraft by contacting Ken or Jack. They have many satisfied customers. You could be one too.

Our third Pilot Spotlight was shared last month! Click here to read about Jill Jefferson Miller, one of our students who got both her private rating with us! Stay tuned for the second Tuesday of each month for future Pilot Spotlights. If you have an interesting perspective or would like to be spotlighted, please reach out to us via email and let us know!

Read on to find out more about what's going on at 39N.

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