Princeton Airport News – January 2016

397a3c91-46db-4001-b2c6-b3e4544c026dAs we embark into the new year, it is always good to look back and reflect on the good and the not so good.  Certainly, 2015 had some of each, from challenging weather to wonderful weather.  But the year began with the loss of our beloved aviator, husband, father and grandfather, Dick Nierenberg.  He guided all of us with his wisdom of aviation and life.  He is sorely missed, however we all have wonderful memories of his generosity, humor and corny jokes.  We carried on his legacy and he has taught us all well.

Safe flying into 2016.                                                                                                                      The Nierenbergs

     The past year ended on a much more positive note than it began.  As we reflect upon the highs and lows, we are thankful for a much better ending than beginning.
      2015 socked us with winter weather making the airport a very quiet place.  Month after month we complained about the weather which kept us grounded; stifled flight training; and kept many of you from achieving your goal of earning your wings.
      Then we were given a gift of beautiful summer flying weather and it has continued until the end of the year.  Suddenly 39N started to blossom again as engines were revved up.  The change enabled many to solo, earn their licenses, and take long flying trips.  Delightful.
     The decline in fuel prices was also welcome in aviation where we are always the last to feel a decline in prices.
      Our monthly regulars continued to provide you additional services with safety seminars with our CFIIs; FAA medical exams with Dr. Mike Nosko; educational columns by Pete Rafle with great advice; and Princeton Airport Flying Tigers regular meetings and fly-ins.  Thanks to all of you for making 30N a first class general aviation airport.
     We welcomed Platinum Helicopters to our facility which offers quality rotorcraft training.
     While we are all aware of the attributes of Princeton Airport, many of the outside world visited us for activities sponsored by us and others organized by outside groups which used our facilities. Our Santa event always brings swarms of people to the temporary “North Pole” for the day.
     The Montgomery Business Association chose to hold its first annual Montgomery Day Festival at 39N and it was a huge success.  Hundreds of vendors and thousands of visitors made this event a success.
     The car show returned for the fifth year and Princeton Health Care Auxiliary held its rummage sale which will become an ongoing event.
     Our flight line equipment has been upgraded and we added a multi-engine to the fleet for advanced training.
     So all in all, we thank you for your patience and support throughout the year and we hope that 2016 continues on the upside.
Attention Aircraft Owners
If we ever get snow, base customers please call the front desk with your request for assistance in cleaning up.
Any aircraft maintenance requests will be handled directly with Jeff, 18 year veteran, in the shop at the main number 609-921-3100 from January 1st until January 12th in Ken’s absence.
2015 was a huge success.  Thanks to so many folks who continue to make this event special.  By this time last year we had had five snow storms and this year people came to visit with Sana in shorts.  Hmmm.
How it came to be – a bit of history.

FOR SALE – Perfect for you!
1999 Piper Archer
Total Time 4045
Engine times 350 Since Factory Remanufacture in 2004 June Annual
Current IFR
No Damage history
Garmin 530W
King KX 155A
King KT76C trans
King KN64 DME S-tec 30 with altitude hold
Ryan 9900 traffic ( inop)
Electric Trim Strobes
( No wheel Pants)
Asking $104,900
See Ken.
From the Right Seat
Peter Rafle, Assistant Chief Pilot
     Another year has “flown” by.. I have enjoyed each and every hour of flight this year. I am thinking of the cross country training flights to Reading or Atlantic City in day and night VFR conditions. The many instrument training flights locally or cross country IFR to Hartford, Wilkes-Barre and Milleville. I particularly enjoy the primary training flights instructing the basics. A great joy is when the student “sees” what is needed to make that landing squeak or the steep turn makes the 360 within the test limits and feels so good. Thank you to each my students and experienced pilots who made my aviation year so satisfying and so much fun.
I also spent some good solo flying the Stinson 10A/L-9 with the Commemorative Air Force at a number of airshows this past summer. Keeping up my skills in a tailwheel airplane is a special joy for me. I have flown many tailwheel airplanes, the T-6, P-51, PA-16, Aeronca Champ, Citabria models 7AC and 7GCBC, Interstate L-6. I recommend all pilots should log some time in tailwheel airplanes. It will give you a better appreciation of rudder use and will broaden you aviation education.

Private Pilot 

Andrew Gilpin – Dec. 6th. Instructor: Steve Hansell
Shivam Verma – Dec. 16th. Instructor: Jeff Slutsky.

Memories of DIck Nierenberg
Holiday time will be different without Dick sitting in his office, holding court, and making sure that you don’t leave without a flashlight, pen knife, calendar, pen, cookies, or something that had his trademark.  And of course, his lecture to Ken to fly safely when he’s comes into 39N as Santa.
  It’s been a fantastic year at Platinum Helicopters.  December has been a great close to it as well. We would like to congratulate Dan Johnson on his first solo and Alison O’Brien on earning her CFI.  Both have worked hard to achieve their goals.  We had the pleasure of taking Kenny Nierenberg (aka Santa) up twice in a helicopter this month as well!!
     Some big news with Platinum Helicopters… we will have an R44 Instrument trainer by mid-January. This means we can now offer R22 and R44 instrument training to fulfill all of our students needs. We hope everyone had a great holiday and we will see you in the New Year!!!!!

NEWS from the
PAFT year-end review: the club is 21 years old, it has 43 families as member; holds monthly fly-ins to area airports; has dinner meetings every other month at area restaurants (no meetings in the summer) and members become Santa’s helpers each December 24 when Santa flies into 39N.
PAFT is very affordable – dues are $25 per year per family.  Want to know more?  Just visit Guests are welcome at all events so come join us to see what PAFt is all about.
CALENDAR OF EVENTS – January, 2016
 1st:  Happy New Year – Closed Self-serve is available.
13th:  Princeton Airport Flying Tigers’ dinner meeting.
18th:  Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday
23rd   FAA Doctor is in.
FAA Medical Doctor Michael Noskobronze-medicine-symbol.jpg

January 23, 2016
8:00 am – noon

Walk-ins ’til 11:30
Call 609-921-310 609-921-3100 for appointment.

1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.

You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.
No walk-in without a confirmation number.