Princeton Airport News – January 2017

Welcome to 2017.  What lies ahead for the larger picture remains a question, however there are many things that are constants at 39N. We will continue with making your flying services as enjoyable as possible. Our staff will strive to provide the best services and facilities in the region. We hope for a mild winter so you can continue to take to the skies.  2016 ended with lots of news.  Please take the time to read through.  If you have any questions or complaints, email .

Fly safe – Fly informed – and have a very healthy and happy New Year.

The Nierenbergs

    January of 2016 reminded us of winter’s revenge with Joshua – a blizzard that took days to plow out. Ken got worked overtime in trying to clean up 39N, however there wasn’t enough room to remove the snow. The rest of the winter remained challenging for flying conditions.
    New regulations were finally announced by the FAA regarding  ADS-B and its implementation and deadline which is 2020.  If you think this year went quickly, so will this grace period, so do it now.
     The notorious closing of the Rocky Hill bridge on Route 518 in July was met with stop order from the governor until the new revenues for the Transportation Trust Fund was to be replenished. Only then would the governor allow construction to resume, so in November workmen returned.  It’s still not complete.
     Our usual services and events continued as normal – safety seminars, FAA doctor exams, FAA testing, summer tours, and so forth.  These are just the things we do routinely.
     September brought the return of the Montgomery Fun Fest with the huge crowd of about 10,000.  We helped with the set-up and we also manned a booth for the flight school.  It was a great day.
      Princeton Airport Flying Tigers brought back its annual picnic at the airport in September.  All attending had a fun time with good food, so watch for it in 2017.
     Word has spread about the great resources and venue that 39N provides, so we have had weddings in the hangar, charity event with a western theme, First Class Fitment Car Show (5th year), Princeton Chamber of Commerce holiday meeting and the Princeton/Plainsboro Medical Center Rummage sale was held twice.
     We know that we have a great facility – more and more of the public realizes it.
     As usual, we ended the year with our 41st Annual Santa Fly-In which proceeded despite the rain.
So it was a good year at the airport, and we all move forward a little more cautiously as Washington reorganizes.
2016 was a huge success.  Thanks to the many elves who generously give their time and assistance to make this event a “huge success” year after year – Pat McKinley, our folks singer, the Maslanka family who started as tots receiving gifts from Santa, are now grown-up elves and they know what to do without direction, Ethel Beckett, chief cocoa mixer, Chris Maslanka, electronic sound experts, Ernie Schirmer, chief parking provider, Pete Rafle, and so many more.  Thanks to Janet’s Wedding & Parties for the wonderful set to make all the thousands of pictures of children on Santa’s lap look extra special.
Staff from the Mercer County Board of Social Services, Tyrone, Jason, Jeff, Rich, and Jim Ciccace, director, pick up 24 large contractor bags of new gifts, toys, clothing, etc., donated by participants and the community to distribute to the needy.  We are the primary contributors for years.
In the end there were 6 more bags of gifts for the needy that came after the deadline.  These will be given to non-profits which deal with needy families, and the food will be delivered to the Franklin Township Food Bank.
Thanks all who helped, donated, and participated.

NEWS from the
PAFT is a social organization so what better way to start 2017 than with a dinner meeting a new venue: Confectionately Yours, 3391 Route 27, in Franklin Park at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 11th.(732-821-6863).
Guest are always welcome at PAFT events – just click this link to register for the meeting .  Membership is open to anyone interested in aviation and PAFT membership is very affordable, just $25 per family.
So if the weather gets in the way of flying, spend some time at PAFT events.
2013 Extreme Decathlon
74 Hours total Time
NO acro
One owner, always hangared.
Like NEW
Best equipped ever built
Garmin GTN 750
Garmin GTX 33 Trans
Garmin GDL 88 ADSB
Garmin GMA 35 Audio Panel
Garmin GNC 225 CommApsen PRO (Not pilot)Heated PitotRear seat heater
LED Landing light
Aero Logic Instruments                                          406 ELT
Turn coordinatorVSI                                               Standby electric gyro wit battery backup ( $4,000)
Tinted Windows                                                     Speed Fairings
Deluxe Starburst Paint, and more
New list  $274,900
Panel 4    Advanced Aspen       $   23,775
Option A2  (Garmin 750/35/32)  $   31,975
Option C  GDL 88                    $    5,250
Option S  32 to  33 Trans         $    1,275
Pitot heat and 406 ELT            $    3,500
Deluxe paint                           $    6,500
Total new price                        $347,175
Asking $219,900 or VFR for $199,90
* * * * * * * * * *  * * *
Coming soon:  1977 Piper Archer – Great price & Great Airplane.
Call Ken – 609-731-4628/ Ken 
From the Right Seat
Peter Rafle, Assistant Chief Pilot
Here we are, starting a New Year!  I send all my best wishes for a Happy and Safe year with lots of airborne fun.
I am very interested in the FAA’s considering changing the landing pattern form the rectangular procedure to a constant change of bearing continuous 180 turn to final.  There has been some discussion in the aviation press, with the usual pro and con opinions.  I will be wait to see the direction it takes, but it seems reasonable to me.  When I was a student Naval aviator, the 180 approach was the standard procedure. The reasoning was that since the runway (the aircraft carrier) was moving at given speed away from you, the aircraft had to keep turning to remain in range of the runway for landing.  Fly a “base” leg and you would see the “boat” move away upwind and the approach path would end up dangerously flat and low.  So carrier approaches are flown in close and in a continuous turn to final. Carrier approaches are flown with power and the proper angle of attack (AOA) for the best hook angle.  And, there is the carrier landing system to provide a visual glide slope and azimuth to the pilot as he/she approaches the third wire.


January Safety Seminar
First Annual Aviation Knowledge Game Show.  
 January 26, 2017, 7:00 pm,
Come show off your knowledge of aviation related topics in a quiz show format.
Prizes, food, and fun for all who attend. We’re looking forward to seeing you all in the pilot lounge.
 Your Host for the event will be our chief pilot:  Chief Pilot:  Jeff Slutsky).


– Our location to the incoming president’s home in NYC and golf course in Bedminster makes us susceptible to frequent TFRs.  Please keep your New Year safe and check before flying.


to Romanye Ketcha who just earned her type rating in  757/767.  Romanye was an outstanding student in the late ’80 and she has pursued this dream for many years.
In Case of Snow -If and when we get snow, we are asking our base customers to please call the front desk with request for assistance in cleaning up. If you are planning to fly imminently, let us know.  Please don’t call just because you want to be cleaned out right away.  We will get to you, however the runway and taxiways will take priority..
Congratulations – December Highlights
1st Solos: 
Salman Chugtha/ CFII Michael Siniakin
Janik Kiefer/CFII Pete Rafle
Daniel Laskowski/CFII Brandon Broadway
Private Single Engine:
William Fence/MEI Jeff Slutsky
Private Multi Engine:
Christopher Germe/MEI Jeff Slutsky
2016 Milestones for Princeton Flying School
1st Solos: 22
Private Pilots: 10
Private Multi-Engine: 1
Instrument Rating: 5
Commercial Pilots: 2
Commercial Multi-Engine: 2
Air Transport Pilot – Multi-Engine: 4
CALENDAR OF EVENTS – January, 2017 
 1st:  Happy New Year – Closed Self-serve is available.
11th:  Princeton Airport Flying Tigers’ dinner meeting.
16th:  Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday
21st   FAA Doctor is in. 8:00 am. Call for appointment 609-921-3100
26th:  Safety Seminar -1st Annual Aviation Game-How much do you know?

Congratulations to Alison O’Brien on receiving her Commercial Flight Instrument Instructor.
Congratulations to Germain Kirton on his first Helicopter solo flight in December!
We are hoping you all had a fantastic Holiday and we are wishing you all a Happy New Year!  Don’t forget to add a Helicopter Flight Rating to your 2017 list of New Year Goals!!  We would like to thank our Flight Instructors for all of their hard work over the course of 2016.  We look forward to seeing what 2017 has in store for us at Platinum Helicopters and hope to see you all this year.
Welcome to the Chamber of Commerce 
December 15, 2016, Princeton Flying School hosted the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Holiday ‘Business After Business’ Event attracting representatives in excess of 180 businesses.
One of the intents of the event was to invite members of the business community to gather in the maintenance hangar and show off what can be done to make it THE premiere event space in the region.  In addition, the Princeton Flying School had N172FW in the hangar, allowing people to sit in the pilot’s seat and have a CFI explain the process of flying lessons, while at the controls as they are sitting in the pilot’s seat.
Analar Corp. and Platinum Helicopters were present in the hangar, as well: Analar Corp with their Jet Ranger for charters and Platinum Helicopters with their Robinson R44 for lessons.
FAA Medical Doctor Michael Noskobronze-medicine-symbol.jpg

January 21, 2016
8:00 am – noon

Walk-ins ’til 11:30
Call 609-921-310 609-921-3100 for appointment.

1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.

You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.
No walk-in without a confirmation number.

41 Airpark Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540 (609) 921-3100

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