Princeton Airport News – January 2019

As we enter 2019, our first newsletter is full of news. 39N is never quiet as it should be.  Please go through the whole newsletter so you will get the most out of basing. here.
2018 had its many challenges with the weather and the many TFRs, so when we look back over the year, we accomplished a lot, despite the obstacles.  Students became pilots; some pilots bought airplanes; events at the airport went well except for the Montgomery FunFest which was rained out; and the facilities look better than ever.
Many thanks to you, our base of support throughout the year..  It’s been a pleasure serving you.  All the best for 2019.
The Nierenbergs
     Awakening to marginal weather, Santa, a.k.a wasn’t sure of the mode of transportation on the morning of December 24th.  But by 9:30 am, the skies were opening up, so the support of the helicopter pilots was necessary and Santa planned to fly a Beech Bonanza.
   The day began early with the setup in the hangar, and people started arriving much earlier than planned.  Just as Santa was to take flight, someone noticed water leaking out of the bathrooms.
     Santa started trying to find the problem, as more and more folks showed up.  But the water started to spread.  In our 33 years at 39N, we’ve never had a sewerage blockage – but of course, one of the busiest days of the year, it did indeed happened.  Our guests walked through the water, undeterred from  their mission to have the kids see Santa fly in.
     So Santa took off late in uniform, but had to hide so the kids didn’t see him.  Quick right turn.  Meanwhile, cocoa and cookies were being served by the elves in the hangar.  While waiting, the children were able to climb aboard a 1932 fire engine from Rocky Hill and also, get into a Cessna 172.  So we kept them entertained until Santa’s arrival.  Everyone walked out to the tarmac and lined up to wait for Santa.
     For a comprehensive review of this event, a special thanks to Mike Mancuso of NJ Advance/ The Star Ledger, who documented this year’s event spectacularly.
Over thirty of these bags were collected by the Mercer County Board of Social Services to be distributed to the needy in time for the holiday.
Chris Ramus and Kim Delmonico picked them up on December 17th.
Every year people continue to want to participate, so although we set a closure date, we continue to accept both gifts for Santa and the needy.  The  many, many late gifts will be taken to shelters and other support groups.  Thank you all.

We’re going to list the many folks who helped make Santa 2018 a success:
  • Mercer County Board of Social Services & all        who donated.
  • Our staff who patiently helped participants from Black Friday until and through the Fly-in.
  • Princeton Airport Flying Tigers for the help inside and out and all of the volunteers.
  • Pat McKinley who provides musical entertainment for the anxious children and parents.
  • Rocky Hill Fire Company for providing the antique fire engine.
  • The Maslanka Family, who for years have been wonderful elves.
  • Chris Maslanka, who takes time out from his busy schedule to assure a sound system for name calls to musical background.
  • Janet Makrancy’s Weddings who provided the wonderful set for Santa, making the thousands of pictures memorable for years to come.
  • Steve Nierenberg for bringing everything together.
  • Santa, a.k.a., Ken Nierenberg for his wonderful flying and performance.

After many years of faithful and reliable service, “Old Grey” has been retired.  She still runs, but we now need reliability.  So we bit the bullet and bought this beautiful new truck with a plow.
Let it snow (not really).
Check out winter operations below.

Please be aware that there will be men and equipment in and about the facilities as the installation of new LED runway, taxiway, beacon, and PAPI lights are taking place during the month of January.  As pilots, you pay into the New Jersey Aviation Safety Fund through a fuel tax.  The expense for this project is coming from this fund and our contribution.
There will be NOTAMS posted, so please cooperate as we improve 39N.
2006 G-36 Bonanza
All the bells and whistles.  Coming in soon.
Asking:  $485,000
Contact Ken Nierenberg at 609-731-4628 for details
Do you have the right stuff to TEACH flying?
If you have ever thought about becoming a Certified Flight Instructor, now is the perfect time to pursue your dream.  We are starting up a CFI ground class in January that will be a comprehensive review of material on an airplane flight instructor oral.
Join fellow students in your journey to what many believe is both the most difficult, and the most satisfying checkride in aviation.
Date:  Starting January 8th, 2019
Instructor:  Chief Pilot Jeff Slutsky
Duration:  12 sessions twice a week.
Cost:  $75.00/session or prepay $700 for all 12 session.
For more information, contact will be starting a 12 session class for CFI ground training.  The classes are expected to be twice a week, starting January 8, 2019.  Cost is $75/session or pre-payment of $700 for all 12 sessions. Please should be directed to either Jeff Slutsky or Steve Nierenberg:
Jeff Slutsky:

December Achievements
Nir Granot/ MEI Jeff Slutsky
Saad Sheikh/CFII Steve Hansell.
From the Right Seat – Instructor Emeritus Peter Rafle
I recently took a cruise on a smaller cruise ship in the Caribbean. One of the islands we stopped at was St. Barthélemy. I suggest you look up You Tube videos showing how the 2133 ft, concrete, downhill runway at the Gustaf III Airport challenges pilots. On the approach to 10, the approach path follows a downward slope to the threshold. The approach end of 28 is the beach with many people standing very close to the threshold..
I have always enjoyed flying short field approaches and landings. I hope you practice them regularly so when you need to land at a field with a short runway, you can do it with confidence, and safely.
Here are some thoughts to help you master short field landings.   I am using the C-172 as my reference.
1. Start by flying a wider pattern than a normal approach. Perform your pre-landing checklist early and begin slowing the airplane so that when you turn final you can lower final flaps and establish a stable approach. Take note of any obstacles under the approach path and plan accordingly.
Background:  As the airlines have peaks and valleys, their hiring practices have a great impact upon the general aviation community.  There were years when the airlines were not hiring, and the results were our flight instructors instructed for 3-5 years.  (Those CFIs now have great seniority in various airlines.) Currently, airlines are recruiting pilots and mechanics, as there is a shortage – not many military pilots available, so the majority come from general aviation.  For people who want to become commercial pilots, it is a costly, long road.

Countdown 12 MONTHS left to FAA Deadline – 2020!!!
ADBS Solution is in stock.  Install the New GDL 82 which complies with the 2020 FAA Mandate for ADSB out for prices starting at $2495 installed.  See or talk to Ken.
As the deadline is approaching, schedule your installation soon, as we are starting to get backed up.


We have lots of used equipment available for installation.  See Ken.

Make sure that your aircraft has the correct oil appropriate for winter weather.  If you have a question, ask Ken for advice.
Also, in case we have snow – and you are planning to fly, please contact Steve for help to get your airplane airborne.  If you are not flying, we will get to your airplane as we continue snow removal, unless you need it sooner. Thanks.
Get on the list – call Ken.
 JANUARY, 2019
  1st:  Happy New Year – Safe flights.
          Self-service is open.
  7th:  Certified Flight Instructor Class begins.
  9th:  PAFT Dinner Meeting 7:00 pm.
19th:  FAA Medical Doctor – 8:00 – noon.  Call 609-921-3100 for              appointment.
21st:  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
FAA Medical Doctor – to be announced.

NEWS from the
Happy New Year to all – hope your holidays were memorable and you’re now ready to get back into the air and aviation.
Our next PAFT dinner meeting will be at the Hopewell Bistro -January 9th.  6:00 – 7:00 pm Dutch treat cocktail hour – 7:00 dinner and meeting.  Dues for the new year are now due.
Guest speaker will be our own Peter Rafle and his vast knowledge of aviation.
Members, please sign up for dinner meeting so we have a count of attendees.  Guests are always welcome at PAFT events and dinners. For more information, visit
Branka Brnovic’s last day was 11/30/18. Branka enjoyed teaching all students, especially teaching an increasing number of female student pilots.  We will miss her. While she accumulated the 1000 hours, she provided quality instruction to her students. Before she goes to the airlines, she’s going to visit her parents in Croatia for a month. We wish her well pursuing her dream.
FAA Medical Doctor Michael Noskobronze-medicine-symbol.jpg

January 19th, 2019
8:00 am – noon

Walk-ins ’til 11:30
For appointments:  609-921-3100

1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.

You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.
No walk-in without a confirmation number.
As you probably are aware, the pilot shortage of the airlines filters down to the local level through the flight schools, charters, etc.  At the same time there is more interest in becoming a professional pilot, which we all know is costly.  Pilot Finance, Inc, does provide financing for flight training.  For information contact .
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