Princeton Airport News – January 2021

WELCOME 2021!!!

Dear Pilots and Wanna Be Pilots,
As we look forward to 2021 with more optimism than we have had for a while, our expectations might be tempered from our experience, but improvement, no matter how small, is surely welcome. Despite the many challenges, many of you achieve some of your aviation goals, and to you, thank you for hanging in with us as we adapted. To those of you who have postponed your goals, hopefully we will be able to help you reach them in the near future. Thanks to our staff for helping us move forward.
Below, you will see some new things happening here, including the Princeton Pilot Shop online store, so we continue to improve your aviation experience at 39N..
We would like to you a very healthy, safe, happy New Year and great flying during 2021.
The Nierenbergs
James Nierenberg, Coordinator
Many thanks to those of you who so generously donated to our food collection this year. The car load was gratefully accepted by the Franklin Township Food Bank which is serving many more this year than past, as have the food banks all over the country.
Now Open
We closed our on-site Pilot Shoppe to make way for our new Pilots’ Lounge, but now we are once again offering pilots, friends of pilots, and students a variety of Princeton Airport apparel and merchandise online.
We are just getting the shop started, so please check back with us from time to time to see our expanding product lineup. And make sure to sign up for the Princeton Airport Newsletter to receive special Princeton Pilot Shop announcements and exclusive offers on limited edition products.
Visit Today!
Jackets & Clothing
Flight Bag
Pilot Supplies
Hot/Cold Cup
& many more options.
We’re almost there – the long tedious process of reinstating
this is coming very shortly, according to Ken Nierenberg and
the FAA. So that will be a welcome procedure.
Good luck to some
Welcome to others.
We’d like to thank Vaibhav Patel for the great job as coordinator/line. He’s off to pursue his dream.
Welcome some familiar faces who have joined the staff as Covid has interrupted their careers/plans.
James Nierenberg, who’s in his senior year at Temple University, has been working around the airport for years, however now as he studies remotely, he’s joined the front counter/line to keep the airport moving along. (He also helps plow when needed.) James has soloed and is pursuing his license.
Gabrielle Nierenberg, Rutgers University 2016, who’s traveled the world while dancing, has been grounded and we’re lucky to have her also behind the counter. You will also see Gabrielle while she, too, is learning to fly.
Of course, Odan Adams-Tuck has been with us for a while and we thank him.
Sal Parsi, CFII
David Cilauro, CFII
Peter MerCuro, CFI
Saad Sheikh, CFII
Nick Pengue, CFI
Wesley Chin, CFI
So whether you have been coming regularly or haven’t been here in a while, as you can see, we’re ready and willing to help you begin and/or continue your aviation dreams. If you have any questions, please call us and we will help you.
We hope you and your families all had a wonderful holiday and were able to spend a little extra time off of work with those who mean the most to you. The end of 2020 has been fun for us at Platinum Helicopters! We have flown some great people for helicopter tours and learn-to-fly demos and we have also done several Engagement flights and Gender reveals in the month of December! These flights bring us joy and hope for a brighter, healthier 2021.
End of Year Student accomplishments:
Congratulations to Joe Manna on earning his CFI!
Platinum Helicopters is wishing everyone a HAPPY and Healthy 2021. We hope to fly with you!
Princeton Flying School Accomplishments
are waiting for 2021!!!
January 2021 Calendar of Events:
1st: HAPPY NEW YEAR – Welcome to 2021 (Offices closed.)
13th: Princeton Airport Flying Tigers ZOOM Meeting 6:30pm
18th: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
20th: Inauguration Day
23rd: FAA Medical Doctor 8:00 am -noon.
FAA Medical Doctor Michael Nosko
Saturday, January 23rd, 2020
8:00 am – noon
Walk-ins ’til 11:30
For appointments: 609-921-3100
 Schedule: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.
You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.
No walk-in without a confirmation number.
1969 Piper 140
Fresh Annual
4800 TT 500 SMOH
King TKM 170
KX 170B
Narco Trans
Good Paint and Interior
160 HP
Complete Logs
Asking $32,900
Contact Ken Nierenberg at 609-731-4628 for details
From the Right Seat
Chief Pilot Emeritus Peter Rafle
    I Flew
When the last checklist is run and the bag drag is over
I will reminisce of the days I once knew
I will not remember the 3 am alerts
But only that I flew!
I will not remember the crew rest in tents
Nor recall how cold Arctic winds blew,
And I’ll try not to remember the times I got sick.
But only that I flew!
I will never forget when nature became angry
And challenged my intrepid crew,
And I’ll always remember the fear I felt
And the pride in knowing I flew!
I will remember the sights my mortal eyes have seen
Colored by multitudes of hues,
Those beautiful lights on cold winter nights
Seen only by those who flew.
God was extremely good to me
And let me touch his face,
He saw my crew through war and peace
And blessed us with His grace.
So, when I stand at St. Peter’s Gate
And tell him that I’m new
I know he’ll smile and welcome me,
 Because he knows
         I FLEW!
                          Brad Baker
News from the Princeton Airport’s Flying Tigers
Don Denny, President
Dear Fellow Pilots,
The final PAFT meeting of the year featured a great presentation by Philippe Marchal on “How the Wing got Its Lift”, and a short practical presentation by Don Denny on “Notes on NY Class B Transition” covering ATC communications and routing when flying through the NY Class B. As has been the case all year, there was great turnout and a spirited discussion. Since the last in-person, pre-pandemic February meeting, he have had spirited and interesting monthly Zoom meetings with speakers and free wheeling discussions. We have also welcomed 11 new members (including several who have rejoined) plus a large number of guests. While the pandemic overshadowed 2020, it has brought us together for our PAFT meetings. We will continue the format in 2021. As the weather improves, the Covid numbers decrease, and the vaccines are rolled out, we look forward to expanding our fly-ins.
Our next meeting will be Wednesday January 13 at 6:30PM. Raj Soni will speak on his experiences “Island Hopping in the Caribbean” and Don Denny will give a presentation on “Flying the FRZ” describing how to get your FRZ clearance and use it. All are welcome.
All are invited. If you are not currently a PAFT member or are not already on the PAFT mailing list, please contact Don Denny at for the Zoom link for the meeting. Student Pilots are welcome.
Ben Gadzowicz
Princeton Airport’s Flying Tigers Mini-Fly-Ins
Weather continues to get cold and snowy but we still managed 4 PAFT-MFIs in December. In 2020 we made 50 trips, visited 11 airports, involving 130 planes, 165 pilots and crew, traveled 16,300 miles in about 168 hours. A lot of breakfasts were consumed, a lot more laughs enjoyed and plenty of aviation discussions were had. Join us in 2021 when we can put this virus behind us and enjoy our passion with fellow pilots.
PAFT Restaurant guide:
PAFT membership:
Ben Gazdowicz –
It’s winter time and the avionics shop is almost caught up, so it’s a great time to upgrade your airplane, especially when it cold out and your plane can be worked on. See Ken – 609-731-4628
How about an avionic improvement for your holiday gift. Need some guidance, Santa, (a.k.a. Ken Nierenberg) is currently available to guide you through this decision. Safety & Useful.
As a precaution, please start the airplane engine at low RPM so the oil can move around and lubricate. The most damage is done in the first start of the day.
If it snows, if you are a tie down or hangar customer, and you want to fly, please contact the front desk and we will plow you out.  Please give us sufficient notice so Ken can do several aircraft at once while he’s out plowing.
(Now that Ken said all that, it will not snow. Hopefully.)
Be prepared. Get your plane ready for winter flying. Think about installing a pre-heater, so when things are stressful or you just
want to fly, you are able to do so readily.
Pre-Heater Installation – $300.+
The Princeton Flying School Podcast is hosted by Pete Rafle, Princeton Flying School Instructor Emeritus. In each episode Pete interviews some of the pilots and colorful characters here at Princeton Airport, as well as sharing a few flying stories and teaching tips of his own gained from his 55 years in the air.The Princeton Flying School Podcasts are recorded at the Princeton Airport and are produced by HG Media. You can hear our podcast on our PFS website as well as on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.
Podcast #11 Guest: Colin Unsworth
Podcast #10 Guest: Bill Ducharme
Podcast #9 Guest: Colin Unsworth
Podcast #8 Guest: 1st Lieutenant Robert McClellan
Podcast #7 Guest: Col.John ‘Skip’ Rawson
Podcast #6 Guest: Chief Pilot, Jeff Slutsky
Podcast #5 Guest: Col.John ‘Skip’ Rawson
Podcast #4 Guest: Naomi Nierenberg
Podcast #3 Guest: John Nierenberg
Podcast #2 with Pete Rafle
Podcast #1 with Pete Rafle
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