Princeton Airport News – July 2022

We have spent the last month truly reflecting on Naomi's life and her impact at the Airport and in the community. To learn more about her and celebrate her presence, we would like to bring attention to a podcast that was recorded with her and ATP CFII, Pete Rafle, where she shared stories about the airport and more.
Listen Here:
It is officially summer here at The Princeton Airport and with the change of season, we have many new soloed pilots. The summer can get hot in the day, but with longer daylight hours you can fly even later at night.
June was a full month. We hosted Montgomery EMT training at the airport, the NJ Subfest community event, a landing contest, and more. We plan to have a summer BBQ in August, so stay tuned for details.
We have a new buy back program for those who no longer use the CX-3 Flight Computers. There are planes for sale as well as a new partnership available with a pilot at our very airport. Read on to find out more about what's happening at 39N.

New Planes for Sale!

Contact Ken or Jack for details.

Attention Pilots: CX-3 Buy Back Program

Attention New Pilots... We will Buy Back your CX-3 Flight Computer for $50. See any Flight Coordinator for details. Return your CX-3 and get $50 Credit to use at the airport!

New Piper Arrow Partnership Available

Partnership in Piper PA28R200 1974. Full IFR with glass MFD/PFD
It is ready to go with great paint in and out. Great IFR cross country plane. Hangared at Princeton.
Contact Bob Harris at 732-586-7952 or email at

Hangers for Rent

As the seasons are changing, there may be some hanger availability. Contact Ken or Jack to be put on a list and see what is available for your plane

Landing Accuracy Competition

Last month, CFI Nate Kijpanasilp took charge and hosted our first accuracy landing competition (commercial power off 180). The landing zone was the numbers. Whoever landed closest to the line wins the grand prize of $300.
Unfortunately the thunderstorm shut down the contest mid way. Everyone got hungry to we decided to postpone the event and fired up the grill!
This contest included only Nate's students. Some are post solo and some have a private pilot cert. But as the event is postponed, there is talk for best CFI landing contest or against another CFI's team.
It was a great turnout with family and friends. Truly a great camaraderie team-building event. We are looking forward to completing the event soon, stay tuned!
Setting up the landing point.
A wonderful selfie with the rainbow as the storm came thru.
Group photo of participants, family, and friends.

Montgomery EMT Trains for Helicopter Operations

The Montgomery EMT squad came out one evening this month to prepare for future emergencies with their helicopter operations. They had a great turnout and were able to educate a great deal of members. Photos of the evening below.
You can fly in ALL kinds of weather... thanks to our fully certified Garmin Flight Simulator
Windy weather keeping you on the ground? Interested in starting or staying current in your instrument rating? Come check out our fully certified Garmin Flight Simulator!
You can log 2.5 hours towards your Private Pilot's license and 10 hours for your Instrument rating.

Princeton Flying School

Milestones during June, 2022

1st Solo:
Metehan Erdogan / CFI Rafael Cervilla
Sarvam Sheth / CFI Wesley Chin
Alex Ortiz / CFII Nate Kijpatansilp
Mark Zeyu Yao / CFI Tom Richter
Private Pilots License:
Caleb Ahles / CFII Cameron Wagner
FAA Medical Doctor Michael Nosko will be here
Wednesday, July 9th & 23rd, Saturday July 13th & 27th, 2022
8:00 am - noon
*No walk ins*
For appointments: 609-921-3100
 Schedule: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.
You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.

June 2022 Calendar of Events:

4th: Happy 4th of July!
9th: FAA Medical Doctor 8:00 am-noon
13th: FAA Medical Doctor 8:00 am-noon
23rd: FAA Medical Doctor 8:00 am-noon
27th: FAA Medical Doctor 8:00 am-noon
From the Right Seat
By Pete Rafle ATP CFII

Missing Naomi

In the early 1990’s my wife, Connie, was selling advertising for a newly established local newspaper,
U.S. 1. One day, she stopped by Princeton Airport to discuss advertising in the paper. That was the day
that Naomi Nierenberg, and 39N, became of part of our lives. Naomi and Connie discussed the advertising rates and the benefits of advertising to the Princeton market, and soon came to an agreement an ongoing plan of promoting the Raritan Valley Flying School.
After the business was concluded, Naomi coaxed Connie to tell her more about herself and the family.
She told Naomi about our three children, our recent move from Connecticut, my job with a local
company, and our experiences of two furloughs from Pan Am and TWA.
When Connie left Naomi’s office she knew she had found a new friend and encouraged me to check out
the airport and get back into an airplane. Not long after that initial meeting Connie bought a gift
certificate for me for a couple of hours of flight time. After a short checkout, I was declared safe for solo
and rented an airplane a couple of times. On returning from one of these flights, I saw Naomi standing
in the doorway of her office and she motioned for me to join her for a little chat at her desk.
“What are your plans for flying here”, she asked. I replied that I wanted to continue to rent airplanes.
“No, No, No,” she stated, “I need a commercially rated pilot to give rides and other duties. I want you to
work here. You are an ATP, and I don’t want you just renting.”
I knew she was right, and that I wanted to get back into aviation. I was assigned an instructor and soon,
a plan to add a Commercial single engine rating to my ATP was set up. Doug Fritz, the Chief Pilot, gave me the check ride, and my life was changed. I began to give rides, ferry airplanes, and once spread a deceased man’s ashes off the shore of Sandy hook.
During the next couple of years, I added my CFI, CFII, and instructed on weekends until my retirement
from my “day job”. In the spring of 2007, Naomi called me into her office again, a week or so before my
retirement. “ I heard that you are going to retire from that other job, and I need a Chief Pilot.” “Can you
start next Monday?” I said, of course, sounds perfect!
For over 25 years, I enjoyed going to work at the airport, accumulating 4300 hours as a flight Instructor.
Naomi, Dick, and Kenny and, later, Steve were great employers. Frank and honest when needed but
always fair and appreciative when a job was done well.
Naomi was a skillful businesswoman who created a place where people wanted to fly, an atmosphere
that promoted hard work and commitment to making Princeton Airport the best airport in the world. I will miss her great smile and laugh, her generosity, encouragement, sincerity, and trust.
Thank you, Naomi, for all the good times over the years at 39N.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
PS - Naomi was Pete's guest on episode 4 of the Princeton Flying School Podcast.
They had a great conversation on the history of the airport and the flying school.
Listen Here:

News from the Princeton Airport's Flying Tigers

Don Denny, President
Next PAFT Meeting Wednesday, September 14th @ 6:30 pm
We hope to reschedule our postponed BBQ from June 8 at 39N. Covid reared its ugly head forcing a postponement. Our next scheduled Zoom meeting will be September 14. Please email me at if you would like to be on our mailing list and have not already received something from me.
We’ll continue to have our mini-flyins all through the summer. Please come join us.                           
Fly safe,
Don Denny
PAFT President

Princeton Airport’s Flying Tigers Mini-Fly-Ins

Ben Gazdowicz
Summer his heading in strong. Join us for new adventures with fellow pilots. Contact me to join PAFT flights on the
Photo below from a Breakfast Fly In at Hammonton Airport N81.


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