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MAY, 2015 
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Aviation Science Class Trip
Mike Thompson
OncePrinceton Card
From the Right Seat
Safety Seminar
Stories & Memories of Dick
Self Serve
Cool Flying
Platinum Helicopters
FAA Doctor
Princeton Airport Flying Tigers

MAY 2015

10th:  Mother’s Day

13th:  PAFT Dinner Meeting
21st:  Safety Seminar 7:00
25th:  Memorial Day

30th:  FAA Doctor
8:00 – noon
For appointments
call 609-921-3100 .


We’re saving this spot for you next month.


Just arrived:
1967 Piper Cherokee  140
Perfect IFR Plane
Owned long time by one person who took TLC for years.
Garmin GPS
S-Tech Autopilot
Fresh Motor
Good paint & interior.
Asking $39,900.
See picture on Princeton Airport’s website.
Call Ken 609-731-4628 



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Spring is very slow in coming however we have had some wonderful days (interrupted by very cold days).  If you were hibernating this winter, it’s time to come out and continue your flight training, get a BFR, or just get refreshed in the air.
Below you will find news about all sorts of things that have been going on.
The good weather has brought the airport out of hibernation.  It’s great to see you.  Spring is a wonderful time to take to the air.  Safe flying.

Aviation Science Class


On April 17th. pilot Jay Kreisman took his Aviation Science class of Hunterdon Central Regional High School on a field trip to the Princeton AIrport.
They received a premiere tour as Ken explained the hows and whys of the maintenance shop and looked at the various planes in the hangar.

Steve, who helped organized the trip, informed the students about fixed wing flight training,

The students were introduced to rotary wing craft with the helicopter school and charter service, who generously gave their time. A good time was had by all, despite the cloudy day. Hopefully there were a few who will now consider aviation as a career.

Lineman “Mikey” Thompsom
Late ’90s – early 2000

Shortly after the Memorial Service for Dick Nierenberg, in walks Michael Thompson who lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife and daughter, after working for us for quite some time in the late ’90s and on, Mike started as a lineman and eventually earned his A&P.  It obviously worked out as he now works for Virgin Atlantic.

OnePrinceton Card

Raritan Valley Flying School is a participating member of OnePrinceton, which is an innovative new payment network created to benefit our community.  When you pay with a OnePrinceton Card or by smartphone mobile payment, local non-profits receive 1% of all OnePrinceton Purchases. (You choose the non-profit).  The businesses like those at the airport donate.  You receive discounts and specials when you shop.  Free and easy to join at

Longer Days, Extra Staff

With the coming of spring, longer days with the desire to play outside, the Princeton Airport is getting busier.  Do you know anyone that would want to be a line-person.  Or help out at the counter as a flight corrdinator?  If so, please call Steve at 609-921-3100.

From the Right Seat
by Assistant Chief Pilot Peter Rafle


The FAA has announced that it will discontinue 736 ground based (VOR and NDB) instrument procedures at airports throughout the U.S. I thought it might be useful to select a few of these soon to disappear approaches as some of you fly to these airports.
With GPS becoming the preferred system installed in aircraft, pilots are requesting RNAV/GPS approaches rather than the VOR and NDB options.
Today, it is a rare airplane that has a fully functional NDB installed. These facilities are becoming difficult to maintain – it is very difficult to find the necessary vacuum tubes! If it in the airplane, it is used to listen to baseball game broadcasts or music on the AM band.
A look at some of these approaches is helpful as you plan for future flights.
Binghamton, NY, KBGM – VOR/DME 10 and 28, Farmingdale, NY, KFRCG – NDB 01
Hartford, CT, KHFD – VOR-A, Westchester, NY – KHPN – VOR- A, VOR 02, Ithaca, NY , KITH – VOR 32,
Lancaster, PA, KLNS – VOR/DME 08, Millville, NJ, KMIV – NDB 14, Solberg, NJ, N51 – VOR A,
Dutchess County, NY KPOU – VOR/DME 6, Stewart, NY, KSWF – VOR 27, Teterboro, NJ, KTEB – VOR 24, VOR/DME 06, VOR/DME A, B
Cape May, NJ, KWWD – VOR A.
On the other hand, there is one approach that is fun to fly and happens to be a RNAV approach. It is the RNAV (GPS) RWY 16 at Portsmouth ITNL. at Pease, KPSM. For those of you who remember the cartoon characters, Sylvester and Tweety Bird, the waypoints on this approach will bring a chuckle. The initial approach fix (IAF) is ITAWT, then the IF is ITAWA, then the FAF is PUDYE, and the missed approach point is TTATT, ending at the hold fix of IDEED. So as Tweety bird would say, I tought I saw a puddy tat, I deed, I deed!


  Safety Seminar:     


Thursday, May 21, 2015

     Time: 7-9:00pm
CFII Kris Hendrickson  

FREE – Bring a friend.  


Stories & Memories of Dick Nierenberg
Henry Gurshman, Esq.

As you know, I spent a substantial number of weekends over many years hanging around Kupper, flying and hangar flying. I knew that I had arrived as a pilot when Dick asked me (just as he asked living legends like Doug Fritz and Al Spear) if I would be interested in ferrying a Grumman American Tiger to Washington (the State, not DC). Of course I would!

I rearranged my courtroom schedule, examined charts and planned the trip; I took a checkride in the airplane (which began inauspiciously when the step broke as I climbed onto it, but was otherwise completed without incident). On the day of departure, I arrived at the airport and loaded my flight bag and small suitcase into the  airplane. Before I climbed aboard Dick came over to me just as he had done with all the other ferry pilots, gave me a book of matches and spoke the benediction that we all received: “If you bend it, burn it!” I was a real aviator at last!

Editor’s Note:  Henry was our attorney in the early days at Kupper when things were fun, but marginal.


A new mother board and processors were installed in the last week in the pump. Currently, self-serve is $5.65/gallon.

Cool Flying

Starting when the hot summer days create hot and humid conditions in the cockpit, if you had our Diamon DA-40, you would be smiling to a different tune.  The DA-40 has an air cooling system.  Next time you schedule the DA-40, ask for the cooling system, only for the DA-40.

Give Mom a gift that she’ll remember for years to come.  Take her flying to your favorite airport restaurant; give her an Introductory Flying Lesson; give her a gift certificate for flying lessons or fuel; and/or give her Pinch Hitters Course.
Any of these will last longer that flowers and certainly are not fattening.

Spring is here!!  First we would like to say thank you to the Princeton Airport family for making us feel right at home.  Platinum Helicopters has been busy since November 1st remodeling our new location.  We have updated our office from the ground up and are about to start our new training room for our students once the weather warms up.  Our website is up and running, feel free to check it out at  to learn more about us.

Platinum Helicopters would like to recognize some recent accomplishments.  First we would like to Congratulate Kate Drisco on becoming our first student to obtain her Private Pilot license with us!  We also would like to Congratulate Matthias Groeger on obtaining his Instrument rating.

So you’re a fixed-wing pilot?  Come on in for you add-on rating!  We have 3 full time instructors and we’re ready for YOU!  We offer initial training all the way to ATP.   We welcome all and anyone at the airport to come say hi.

   Hope to see you soon!

         Platinum Helicopters LLC

FAA Medical Doctor

Doctor Michael Nosko 

Saturday, May 30th, 2015
8:00 am – noon
Walk-ins ’til 11:30

Call 609-921-3100 for appointment. 


1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.


You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.  No walk-in without a confirmation number.

PAFT logo

Princeton Airport
Flying Tigers

The nasty weather along the entire east coast put the damper on PAFT members flying to Florida to attend Sun ‘n Fun, but lately the improved weather has PAFT members out-and-about flying to airports for a great lunch.


Two that come to mind are the newly renovated Sky Manor (N40) and the reopened Orange County (KMGJ).


The last PAFT dinner meeting before the summer break will take place on Wednesday, May 13th at Pheasants Landing in Hillsborough.  Guests are always welcome.

For more information go to