Princeton Airport News – May 2019

Spring is in full force – sun, rain, and winds and longer daylight..  But it sure is beautiful with the Spring blooming flowers.  In between once in a while we have great flying conditions.  We hope you have been able to enjoy it.
All’s well at 39N and that’s the way it should be.

Karin & Jon Nierenberg

Most of you know or knew three of the Nierenberg family.  Dick Nierenberg who entered general aviation in 1967 when he operated out of 47N as an FBO, later Princeton.  Dick loved aviation and the airport.  His presence and humor is missed.

Naomi joined Dick as an collaborator early on to make everything work.  Later she became the head of the flight school, pilot shop and public relations.  Naomi retired a few years ago, but still writes the newsletter. Their nephew, Steve, joined when thoughts of Naomi’s retirement began.
Ken chose to join Dick at the airport from a very early age, and he has grown as a force which carries the legacy and grows daily. Ken’s the airport manager.
Jon Nierenberg has chosen a different path, although he, too, has his pilot’s license.  Jon lives in Alaska, first working for Denali National Park.  Since then he has built a business, Earthsong Lodge and Denali Dogsled Expeditions.
Recently Jon was visiting New Jersey and he agreed to be interviewed by Pete Rafle about life in Alaska – from aviation to dog sledding.

Make sure you pre-flight the aircraft carefully.
Birds are looking for nesting places – don’t let it be your airplane.
Saturday, June 15th, 2019
More next month!!!


1977 Piper Arrow
Current in annual
All logs
Garmin 430
King KX 170B
Garmin 330 ES trans Price 49,900
Contact Ken Nierenberg at 609-731-4628 for details
Was $49,900.  Reduced – $44,900.
Contact Ken Nierenberg at 609-731-4628 for details

April  2019 Achievements

1st Solos:
Rameet Kaur/CFI Saad Sheikh
Private Pilot:
Kingshuk Gosh/ CFII Steve Hansell
Isaac Nasar/ MEI Jeff Slutsky

NEWS from the
     PAFT wraps up it’s Spring dinner meeting season with a return to one of its favorite venues, Cafe Graziella, located at 390 US Route 206 in Plainsboro.  Cafe Graziella is a BYOB establishment so make sure you bring your favorite beverage to the 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. social hour.  The dinner meeting begins at 7:00 p.m.  You’re welcome to join us – just sign up on our website so we have a headcount for the restaurant.
      Since the beginning of the year, we have managed to fly 30 trips to 10 airports including 80 planes, 115 pilots and crew, totaling 10,666 plane miles, 109 total hours, and 1,421 gallons of fuel consumed. For more information contact Ben at
Call Ken – 609-731-4628.


Countdown 8 MONTHS left to FAA Deadline – 2020!!!
ADBS Solution is in stock.  Install the New GDL 82 which complies with the 2020 FAA Mandate for ADSB out for prices starting at $2495 installed.  See or talk to Ken.
As the deadline is approaching, schedule your installation soon, as we are starting to get backed up.                 
We have lots of used equipment available for installation.  See Ken.
FAA Medical Doctor Michael Noskobronze-medicine-symbol.jpg
Satureday, May 11th, 2019
8:00 am – noon

Walk-ins ’til 11:30
For appointments:  609-921-3100

1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.

You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.
No walk-in without a confirmation number.
MAY,  2019
    5th:  Ramadan begins at sundown
8th:  Pilot Airport’s Flying Tigers
Dinner Meeting – come join us.
   11th: FAA Medical Doctor – 8:00 -noon
   12th: Mother’s Day
   27th  Memorial Day
Save the date – June 15th
 Airport Bar-B-Que
From The Right Seat
Peter Rafle, Chief Pilot Emiteritus
     I have always loved airplanes. The very first airplanes I remember seeing were the model airplanes my father built. They were beautiful rubber band powered balsa wood models. He was a meticulous builder of these model airplanes and some of them seemed really large. We would go to a local park to fly them. When I was six or seven years old, I remember watching as my father carefully wound the rubber band by turning the propeller with a hand drill before launching them into the air. That silver painted Stinson, pulled quietly above me by the propeller, was a thrilling sight.
     A few years later, I began building models myself. Kit makers such as Guillow, Monogram, SIG, Sterling and Comet were the popular brands sold in hobby shops in every neighborhood in the 1950’s. I would save my allowance and birthday money to buy a kit. Many of those models, after flying and being repaired a few times, would end up suspended from my bedroom ceiling. Those Wildcats and Mustangs and Zeros and Messerschmitts flew imaginary dogfights above my bed for many years.
Raritan Valley Air, Raritan Valley Flying School and Princeton Flying School’s

is current, thanks to our webmaster.
As you probably are aware, the pilot shortage of the airlines filters down to the local level through the flight schools, charters, etc.  At the same time there is more interest in becoming a professional pilot, which we all know is costly.  Pilot Finance, Inc, does provide financing for flight training.  For information contact .