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Amid all of the tales of sadness, there are a few fun items at 39N.  As the outbreak was spreading, one of our staff went into a storage closet, only to find N95 masks.  Showing them to Ken, his response was a shrug of the shoulder with stating my father must have bought them.
For those who knew Dick, you never went into his office without leaving with some trinket – a flashlight, a pen, knife, etc, and certainly some sage advice.  Dick also was always planning for the future, and he made sure that we were prepared for almost anything. At his home, he had a generator that automatically starts as soon as power is lost.  This was completed about a month prior to Hurricane Sandy.  We’re sure that Dick never anticipated the current situation, however his foresight of purchasing boxes of N95 masks prepared us.  We donated them to the Princeton Medical Center, where they were sorely needed.
Just as the shutdown started, Chris Herte came to the airport to rent a plane in which he proposed to his bride to be.  Chris was a student here as well as working the line.  Now he flies commercially.  Best wishes to Chris and his family.
Also, very important, Princeton Airport Flying Tigers has a new president, Don Denny, who has some wonderful ideas for a fun organization.  Join him and the club for aviation fun.
Lastly, we will be taking advantage of Zoom for communications.  This pandemic is having a profound effect on Princeton Airport.  So stay safe, stay distancing, and hopefully whatever the new normal will be, we’ll will have you back in the air soon.
P.S.  Plans for everything is quite fluid, so there might be some changes to these scheduled events.  We’ll notify you.
Thursday, May 7th, 7:00 pm


Ken Nierenberg, Airport Manager
“Powerplant & Airframe”
Under the hood.
You will have the chance to ask questions.  Ken has been under the hood of airplanes from a very early age, as going to the airport was his priority. Thus,
he’s a great source of knowledge about how airplanes work.
To attend:  Contact us at   We will then email you the link to watch this episode.

NEWS from the

President:  Don Denny

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away and before Covid-19 exploded on the scene, the Princeton Airport Flying Tigers, on March 11, had a well-attended dinner meeting at YaYa Noodles to discuss club activities and elect new officers. We hope that you and yours have remained well and that the time for us to come out of our temporary hibernation and start to plan for our flying adventures is almost here. I have been fortunate to be able to fly during this period: the air is empty and very clear, ATC frequencies quiet (scarily so), and fuel prices often lower. If you want to go do a trifecta of EWR, JFK and LGA, now is the time. Take a look at 

No matter what’s happening in the world, our feathered friends are looking for a good place to build their nests – airplanes fill that bill.  So make sure that you are protected and do a comprehensive pre-flight when you take to the air. If you need help, contact Ken.
Fuel Requests:
Because of the state of our current situation, we have limited coverage behind the counter and shorter staff hours (9am-3pm).  When ordering fuel, please place your request as early as possible. If, for any reason, we are unable to receive your request by phone or email, please call:
Airport: 609-921-3100
Ken Nierenberg:  609-731-4628;
Steve Nierenberg 215-200-2843;
Fuel is available, as are limited services.  The maintenance shop is working with social distancing.
We’re trying our best to keep everything in compliance.
CONTACT-LESS RENTAL – Schedule an aircraft.
  1. At rental date/time, go directly to the aircraft.
  2. Clipboard will be in the plane (wiped down, fueled).
  3. Pre-flight and fly.
  4. Return, leaving clipboard in plane.
  5. We will bill, and email invoice.
  6. Repeat.
Pilots:  We’re sure that when you’re home and it’s clear skies above, you’re longing to take to the air.  As a licensed pilot that’s current, the skies are yours.
We have successfully provided rental planes ready to go.  As you know, pilots need to keep their  aviation skills current.   Call us up and we will have the plane ready for you to fly.  We will clean the plane before and after each and every flight.  You can even keep your night currency.   If you want to just fly a bit and look around, you will find it very interesting out there.  This system has been working.
Thursday, 2:00 pm
On-line for questions and answers about aviation.  All are invited to join.  Please send an email to the front counter to request access  at
 A website and code will be emailed about ½ before the start of the Office Hour with Jeff Slutsky.
If you still need to comply with the ADSB, now is the time as we have a few openings in the shop. The shop is starting to catch up, so if you have any deferred maintenance or any other upgrades, lets get you on the schedule.
Garmin has many new products that are really amazing. Look at the G5, GI 275, And many other cool stuff.  Maybe an engine monitoring system.  Maybe the new Garmin 500/600 auto-pilot.
Check out the greatest portable GPS, Aero 760, with connections to the GTX series that loads flight plans, databases,weather and traffic are just a few operations this new unit can do.
Price:  $1499.
Great present for Mother’s Day which is soon, and/or Father’s Day next month!!!
Things will get better and we will be flying soon.  Be ready with some new equipment. When this opens up, you will enjoy your new toys.
Remember, fly your planes and have fun!!!  
May, 2020
 7th:  ZOOM Maintenance with Ken 7:00 pm
10th:  Mother’s Day
25th:  Memorial Day
All regularly scheduled events at the airport will be on hold until further notice. For any changes, we’ll shout it out.
Online . . . .Training
Private Pilot Course
What a great opportunity to be productive and achieve success for yourself at a time like this.  So, if you want to say you did something over this pandemic, we have an opportunity for you!
Please let us know if you are interested in an online course from our instructors to you. This would be a great opportunity not only to learn about aviation but to prepare for your private pilot written exam — that you can take at the Princeton Airport. If you have an interest in participating in an online course, please let us know. send an email to or to steve@princetonairport.
Yes, we’re still able to administer FAA tests.  You have to make an appointment, so get that out of the way.  The results are valid for two years.
1965 Piper Comanche 260
Total Time1150
Fresh Annual
Just Installed Garmin GDL 82 ADSB
Complete Logs
Dual Mark 12D Nav-coms
King TransCentury
2 Auto-pilotINsight
Engine Monitoring
SystemReady to Fly
Asking $57,900
Contact Ken Nierenberg at 609-731-4628 for details
From The Right Seat
Peter Rafle, Chief Pilot 
Another month of stay at home surviving in place, or whatever you call it has gone by. I chose this difficult time to sell my house in Hopewell, and move to Doylestown, PA.
We live in unusual times and many are finding the daily challenges to be daunting and near overwhelming. I am certain that we will get to a near “old” normal again.
In the meantime, we are seeing oil prices go into negative values! We speak of the fuel mileage in our cars in terms of weeks per gallon. Some of you are flying somewhat like before.
How we’ll proceed forward remains to be seen.  However, keep in mind that aviators look forward and together we will figure all of this out.
I have always thought that the act of flying was the most interesting part of aviation for me. Concentrating of the experience of flight produces lasting memories. It is those memories that keep me going in this time of restrictive movement and confinement. Aviation magazines devote so much space to technology and hardware, but so little to the physical and emotional aspects of aviating. While spending this time at home, think of all those great times you have had in your favorite airplane. Think of the physical joys of flying and that you will be back in the airplane again soon.
Stay safe.


From March 31, 2020 to June 30, 2020, the FAA will not take legal enforcement action against any person serving as a required pilot flight crew member or flight engineer who holds a medical certificate that expires within this time period,  This action allows medical resources (such as doctors appointed by the FAA as Aviation Medical Examiners) to be utilized where they are needed the most during this unprecedented situation, as well as lowers the risk of transmission of the virus during these aviation medical examinations that would otherwise take place.  With this action, the FAA is exercising our enforcement discretion while still maintaining the highest levels of aviation safety in the National Airspace System.
Princeton Flying School Podcast #11
Before the pandemic Pete Rafle recorded two podcast episodes with Colin Unsworth. We have just posted the 2nd episode with Pete and Colin.
The Princeton Flying School Podcasts are recorded at the Princeton Airport and are produced by HG Media. You can hear our podcast on our website as well as on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.
We will have a few openings soon.  Contact Ken – 609-731-4628
FAA Medical Doctor Michael Noskobronze-medicine-symbol.jpg
8:00 am – noon

Walk-ins ’til 11:30
For appointments:  609-921-3100

1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.

You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.
No walk-in without a confirmation number.
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