Princeton Airport News – November 2015

Princeton Airport Aerial Shot
We have had a wonderful autumn with great flying weather.  The car show was a rousing success with people coming from near and far t attend.  They plan to return next year.  The exposure of 39N to the outside world increased by hundreds between the Funfest and the car show.  They love the whole scenario of the airport and all that goes with it.
The daylight hours are shorter now, but many pilots will say they prefer to fly at night.  If you need to get current, call the front desk and get yourself on the schedule.
Best of all, Steve Nierenberg, will soon be back at 100%.
We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  Eat the bird!

Great News!!!

Many of you know that our Operations Manager, Steve Nierenberg, has had health issues.  Well, we are delighted to report that his operation was a success and he’ll be back at his desk, later in November.  Speedy recovery.

Safety Seminar
Thursday, November 19th, 7:00 p.m.
CFII Michael Sinakin
Free – bring a friend.

Memories of DIck Nierenberg   
Halloween in the late ’60s at 47N

     In the early days at Kupper Airport where Dick got his early training in running an FOB, he decided to have a Halloween Party – costumes and all.  There was an old Quonset hut which was converted into a classroom.  So this became an annual event.

Some of the normal activities i.e., apple bobbing, etc. were included.  Then we added a scavenger hunt, however you couldn’t go out with the partner with whom you came.  Some of the items on the long list were: egg roll, green toilet paper, hubcap of a Lincoln Continental (friend just bought one), and so on. The pairs left around 9:00 and usually returned within an hour or so, however inevitably, one of the couple would return on time, while the significant other was very late.  We eventually stopped because it caused much turmoil – our attorney offered to pay for future parties as it assured him business.  We declined.

We were still running Twin Beeches (D-18) for charter.  This particular year, many of the pilots came as women, makeup and all.  About 1:30 am we got a phone call for a charter for a major car manufacturer to bring door handles to Detroit, as the assembly line would have to be shut down without this part.  So Dick, dressed in a toga, fueled up the Beech and we got two pilots – one who was sober as he just returned from Allegheny pilot training, and the other, who had been dressed as a woman.  They had to refuel in Cincinnati in the wee hours of the morning.  You can imagine the looks, as the one still had the makeup on. Both pilots are long since retired airline pilots

Likeness of Arrow. Picture to come.

FOR SALE – Perfect for you!
The Best Arrow on the market today.
1974 3300TT
Recent paint and interior
3 Blade prop
Garmin 530W
S-tec 30 AP with Altitude hold
New Metal Panel
Dual Aspen PRD and MFD.
Garmin 350 Audio Panel
Fuel Flow, and more.
See Ken. Picture on right is a likeness.  See web for update soon.
From the Right Seat
Peter Rafle, Assistant Chief Pilot
Last month, I wrote about the distractions that the modern cockpit can create for a pilot. A pilot must stay in touch with the airplane and remain “in the loop” of control and operations. One such example of being in the loop is being prepared for the “unexpected”. Thinking about what you would do in the event of an emergency, before it happens, will help you respond better when it does.
Multi-Engine Rating:  Michael Sinakin
Multi-Engine Instructor: Kris Hendrickson
Welcome New Airplane Owner to 39N:
Szymon Rusinkiewicz & your DA-40.
     Just Seven days until Platinum Helicopters Open House/1 Year Celebration!! We will have some light snacks and light food along with some beverages.  Please stop on by between 2-7PM on Saturday, November 7th and check out our rennovation progress, meet the owners of Platinum, some of our flight instructors, our friends and families.  We do ask that you just send us a quick email to and let us know if you plan to stop by so we can plan to have enough snacks for all.
Highlights this month at Platinum Helicopters include:
Welcome new flight instructor – Scott Fabia
1st Solo – Derek Loren
Instrument Pilot:  Jimmy Whittaker
Thanks to Jimmy and his instructor, Eric.  Well done.

In mid-October we had the opportunity to give some Helicopter rides at the First Class Fitment car show.  We got to create a lot of happy faces and we met a bunch of new people.  Thank you Princeton Airport and FCF2015 for letting us be a part of the event, we are looking forward to it next year.

     Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween and don’t forget to come see us this month, the foliage still looks absolutely stunning from the air in early November!
Auxiliary of the Princeton/Plainsboro Hospital
November 7 & 8
Support this cause.
Princeton Airport
CALENDER OF EVENTS – November, 2015   1st:  Eastern Standard Time returns
7th & 8th: Auxiliary of Princeton/Plainsboro Hospital
White    Elephant Sale
 7th:  Platinum Helicopters 1st Anniversary at 39N – open house
11th: Veterans Day
14th: FAA Medical Doctor 8:00 – noon
26th: Thanksgiving
27th: 1st day to bring gifts for Santa event.

ANNUAL SANTA FLY-INSanta Waves to Fans
Help & Contribute!    
     For the 40th year we are sponsoring our annual Santa Fly-In.  If you have been here a while, you know what a great event this is.  If you’re new – don’t miss it.  We started it when we were at Kupper Airport (47N), and continued and expanded the event when we came to 39N.
On Thursday, December 24th at 11:00 am, Santa will fly into the airport with gifts for area children.
To have your child (children) participate, you must bring a wrapped gift for your child with the name in large print.  (Gifts should not exceed 12″.  Santa has a weigh limitation.)  If you have more than one child, wrap the gifts in the same paper and tie them together, so Santa can give your childrens gifts together.
You must also bring an equal number of unwrapped gifts for NEEDY children.  In the lobby there will be two chimneys to receive the respective gifts.  Get your gifts in early, as Santa dispenses them in the order we receive them.  (Collection starts Nov. 27th.)
We’ll also collect food for the needy in the lobby.  So let’s make the holiday season of 2015 a memorable one. 
FAA Medical Doctor Michael Noskobronze-medicine-symbol.jpg

Saturday, November 14th, 2015
8:00 am – noon

Walk-ins ’til 11:30
Call 609-921-310 609-921-3100 for appointment.

1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.

You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.
No walk-in without a confirmation number.

NEWS from the
 PAFT members had great weather for viewing for the intense fall foliage flying to and from Sky Acres (44N) in Columbia County NY for lunch for the October fly-in.
Closing out 2015 with the final dinner meeting of the year and election of officers for 2016-2017.  Love aviation? Join PAFT before the end of the year and save $5.