Princeton Airport News – November 2016

As we head into the hectic holiday season, we hope you have taken advantage of the wonderful flying weather.  Although there have been some dreary wet days and windy ones, fall has been kind to aviators.

Please read through the newsletter as all sorts of traditional events will be taking place.  We’ll collect canned and boxed food for the local Foodbanks. Please be generous with your donations.  Then we have our highlight of the year – our Santa Fly In – a terrific event that serves the greater community.


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Princeton Flying School – flight school, fuel, pilot supplies, instruction, rentals, etc.
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Thursday, November 10th, 7:00 pm
Assistant Chief Pilot – Peter Rafle

Free – Bring a friend.

November 6th

From our Chief Pilot – Jeff Slutsky

There are a lot of amazing destinations less than one tank of fuel away from 39N.    We laud Nathi “Nate” Kijpatanasi who took our Diamond Star DA40 up to Niagara Falls and took these stunning pictures of the Falls this autumn.    If you are interested in a day-trip or multi-day trip, give us a call to work out arrangements for the plane of your choice, and don’t forget our experienced CFIs are available to help you with any

any of the peculiarities of any particular planning sticking points (like the Niagara Falls special flight rules), or to check you out in a more advanced plane to meet your mission. And we encourage to share your pictures and tales with us.

Nate Kipatanasi smiles while enjoying the view at Niagara Falls.

1967 Piper 140
Total time: 3965
Engine time 140 SMOH
Recent teardown inspection
June Annual

Garmin 430W
King KX 125

S-tec 20 AP
King Trans
Garmin 340
Audio panel; Powerflow exhaust; Good paint and interior.
Asking $33,900

Contact Ken Nierenberg at 609-731-4628

From the Right Seat
Peter Rafle, Assistant Chief Pilot
Frequently, to motivate and encourage a student, I will say,” If this was easy, then everybody would be doing it!”  It is true that the people who actually learn to fly make up a very small percentage of the population.  Consider that the United States has a population of about 330,000,000 people.  As of December 2015, the number of all pilots in the U.S. was 590,039.  Or, 0.18 percent of the people of this country are licensed pilots.  If we just look at private pilots, we come up with 170,718, or 0.05%.
There are 101,164 commercial pilots and 154, 730 Airline Transport pilots.  About 20% of these last two categories work full time as pilots.  And, let’s not forget the 102,628 Flight Instructors.
In addition to the pilot categories there are 728,329 Non-pilot active airmen.  These include 342,528 mechanics, 846 Parachute Riggers, 23,754 Ground Instructors. (Many CFI’s also have a CGI rating as well)  There are 200,319 Flight Attendants and 42, 460 Flight Engineers, 23,754 Dispatchers, and 102 Flight Navigators.
First Solos:
Niharika Channdrasekar, Brandon Broadway, CFI
Tonghe Liu/CFII Steve Hansell
Karan Ram/CFI Brandon Broadway
Instrument Rating:
Patrick Brouillon / Peter Rafle CFII
Nathi Kijpatanasilp / Steve Hansel, CFII

NEWS from the
     After several months of no meetings, we will resume our scheduled meeting on November 9th with a dinner meeting at Cafe Graziela,390 US-206, Hillsborough.
    Please join us for some “hangar talk”.  This is a “Dutch Treat” dinner.  This restaurant has consistently served us a delicious meal.  All you have to do is go to the website below and sign up.

This holiday season, let’s think of those less fortunate and donate non-perishable food to the needy.  We have a box in the lobby, so please be generous and help us fill several boxes.
Make sure that your aircraft has the correct oil appropriate for winter weather.  If you have a question, ask Ken for advice.
Also, in case we have snow – and you are planning to fly, please contact Steve for help to get your airplane airborne.  If you are not flying, we will get to your airplane as we continue snow removal, unless you need it sooner.  Thanks.
Flight Instructor News
Sean Sheu has left us for a more appealing environment – weather and otherwise – in Florida.  Although saddened by our loss, happy for his new path.  Good luck.
Happy Birthday to our Chief Pilot Jeff Sluksky, who turned 50.  I do not think the job as aged him at all.
CALENDAR OF EVENTS – November, 2016

6th: Eastern Standard Time returns, fall behind/
  8th: Election Day – VOTE
10th:  Safety Seminar – “How to stay alive as a pilot”
11th:  Veterans Day
19th:  FAA Medical Doctor 8:00 – noon
24th: Thanksgiving – Eat the bird!
25th: 1st day to bring gifts for Santa event.

ANNUAL SANTA FLY-INSanta Waves to Fans
Help & Contribute!    
     For the 41st year we are sponsoring our annual Santa Fly-In.  If you have been here a while, you know what a great event this is.  If you’re new – don’t miss it.  We started it when we were at Kupper Airport (47N), and continued and expanded the event when we came to 39N.
On Saturday, December 24th at 11:00 am, Santa will fly into the airport with gifts for area children.
To have your child (children) participate, you must bring a wrapped gift for your child with the name in large print.  (Gifts should not exceed 12″.  Santa has a weigh limitation.)  If you have more than one child, wrap the gifts in the same paper and tie them together, so Santa can give your childrens gifts together.
You must also bring an equal number of unwrapped gifts for NEEDY children.  In the lobby there will be two chimneys to receive the respective gifts.  Get your gifts in early, as Santa dispenses them in the order we receive them.  (Collection starts Nov. 25th.)
We’ll also collect food for the needy in the lobby.  So let’s make the holiday season of 2015 a memorable one. 
FAA Medical Doctor Michael Noskobronze-medicine-symbol.jpg

Saturday, November 19th, 2015
8:00 am – noon

Walk-ins ’til 11:30
Call 609-921-310 609-921-3100 for appointment.

1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.

You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.
No walk-in without a confirmation number.