Princeton Airport News – November 2017

We have all watched the devastation of the last few hurricanes, however the pictures from Puerto Rico are mind boggling.  Little reporting has been made about the role of several general aviation pilots who flew to the island with their own plane and/or an aircraft for which they fly.  We know of several of our own aviation friends who stepped up to bring down needed items, some bringing back people on their return flights.

     ‘Tis the season – holiday season is upon us shortly.  Our annual Santa Fly-In will be celebrating our 42nd year of this event.  For details, read on.  Be a part of this special day as a participant and/or volunteer.  This is a wonderful community event.

     Our annual food drive and gifts for the holiday will also be split to those in need elsewhere.  So join us this year to reach out.


1st Solo :
Nir Granot – CFI Jeff Slutsky
Nicholas Tripod – CFI Steve Hansell
New Airplane Owners & Base Customers:
Sean Greaney and his new Columbia 350
Attila Mimalyi and his new Diamond DA 40
From the Right Seat
Assistant Chief Pilot Peter Rafle
We all have favorite airplanes we have flown.  For me, the Boeing 707, the P 3 Orion, Cessna 172, and the Citabria 7GCBC all were, and still are, great airplanes.   I was thinking about all those airplanes I wish I could fly if given the opportunity. What airplanes do you have on your pilot’s wish list?
Is it the North American P 51?   Imagine sitting behind a Rolls Royce, Packard built, V-1650-7 Merlin, 12 cylinder liquid cooled rated at 1490 horsepower!!  With a maximum gross weight of 12, 300 pounds, the Mustang will climb at 3,475 ft/min. It will take a mere 7 minutes to get you to 20,000 ft., although the max ceiling is 41,900ft. Its Maximum speed is 505mph, range is 2, 080 miles, with two 110 gal. drop tanks.  Yes, an adrenaline rush and a thrilling ride.   Interested?  Go to to see the possibilities for a ride.
We now sell a folding electric bicycle that actually fits in most aircraft!
Blix Vika – Folding eBike
  • Range 30 Miles
  • Motor:  250 Watts
  • Max Speed: 17mph
  • Battery: Panasonic 36V/8.8amp
  • Time for full Charge: 3hrs.
  • Wheel:  16″
  • Folding Size: 24x30x16 (HxLxW) – Fits in a Cessna 172!
  • Gears: Shimano Nexus 3, internal
  • Weight 35lbs.
  • $1500.00
Come on in for a test ride!
Find more at:


2003 Alarus CH 2000
420 Total Time
Garmin 430 GPS System
Garmin 340 Audio Panel
King KX 155 with GS
Garmin 327 Trans
June Annual
Current IFR
Asking $47,900
Contact Ken Nierenberg at 609-731-4628 for details.

Fall back – November 5th
Help & Contribute!
     For the 42nd year we are sponsoring our annual Santa Fly-In.  If you have been here a while, you know what a great event this is.  If you’re new – don’t miss it.  We started it when we were at Kupper Airport (47N), and continued and expanded the event when we came to 39N.
     On Sunday, December 24th at 11:00 am, Santa )a.k.a airport manager, Ken Nierenberg) will fly into the airport with gifts for area children.
     To have your child (children) participate, you must bring a wrapped gift for your child with the name in large print.  (Gifts should not exceed 12″.  Santa has a weigh limitation.)  If you have more than one child, wrap the gifts in the same paper and tie them together, so Santa can give your childrens gifts together.
     You must also bring an equal number of unwrapped gifts for NEEDY children.  In the lobby there will be two chimneys to receive the respective gifts.  Get your gifts in early, as Santa dispenses them in the order we receive them.  (Collection starts Nov. 24th.)
     We’ll also collect food for the needy in the lobby.  So let’s make the holiday season of 2017
memorable one.

NEWS from the
Ideal days for flying this fall have kept PAFT members busy and enjoying the foliage by air.
As the days get shorter and everyone gets busy planning for the upcoming holidays, PAFT will hold its final dinner meeting of the year on Wednesday, November 8 at 7:00 p.m. at Confectionately Yours, 3391 NJ-27, Franklin Park, NJ 08823.  Guests are invited and always welcome at PAFT events- come join us for “hangar flying” and lots of aviation talk..
CALENDAR OF EVENTS – November, 2017 
 5th:  Daylight Saving Time Ends – fall back.
 7th:  Election Day – VOTE – VOTE – VOTE!!!
10th: Veterans Day (Observed)
11th: Veterans day
18th:  FAA Medical Doctor – 8:00 – noon
23rd:  Thanksgiving
24th:  1st day to bring gifts for Santa
ADSB-Installations – FAA Deadline 01-01-2020

New ADSB coming out soon.  Starting at $2900 installed.
It has many new features included.
Receiver required.


We have lots of used equipment available for installation.  See Ken.
FAA Medical Doctor Michael Noskobronze-medicine-symbol.jpg

Saturday, November 18, 2017
8:00 am – noon

Walk-ins ’til 11:30
For appointments:  609-921-3100

1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.

You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.
No walk-in without a confirmation number.