Princeton Airport News – October 2016

The “other-than-aviation” world had a great opportunity to view the world of aviators at the extremely successful Montgomery FunFest.  Thousands of people came, participated, and enjoyed all sorts of activities with the wonderful world of the airport as the backdrop.
Lots of news this month – find the link between Shimon Peres and 39N; check out the Car Show which is returning for the 5th year; help the hospital with the rummage sale, and much more.

Montgomery FunFest Great Success – A beautiful day!!!

If  10,000 attended last year’s event, this year was bigger.  The weather was perfect and attendees, young and old, had a wonderful time.
Princeton Flying School was visited by many who were pilots, and others who wanted to become pilots.  Some who earned their licenses years ago returned to say hello – one from 1988.

For children we gave out gliders and then we had a diagram for a glider which they were to fold and try to fly it into “the hangar”.  Despite the wind and gusts from the helicopter, several succeeded.  For others a raffle for an Introductory Flying Lesson was pulled every hour.

Many thanks to all who came, all who helped, and all who attended.  Workers slept well that night.

Shimon Peres
1923 – 2016
One of the founding fathers of the State of Israel, Shimon Peres, died recently.  He, unknowingly, had a profound effect upon the decision rendered by the judge of the Superior Court of Somerset County in 1991.
We were in the heat of conflict with Montgomery Township over restrictive ordinances which were passed against the operations of the airport.
We have had some movement in our hangar rentals, so if you need one, see Ken (609-731-4628).  
We also have minimal winter hangars, November thru April, available. 

Returning for the 5th year, this interest car show draws people from all over the US and foreign countries.
Activities at the airport will continue as usual, however there will be extra traffic.
Show Date October 15th
(Rain Date:  October 16th)

First Solos:
Niharika Chandrasekar/CFII Brandon Broadway
Patrick Delfosse/CFII Jeff Slutsky
Arun Ayyagari/CFII Brandon Broadway
Private Pilot:
Ryan Barry/CFII Jeff Slutsky
Commercia Pilotl:
Chris Treptow/CFII Jeff Slutsky

NEWS from the
Aon August 28th PAFT took advantage of a beautiful summer Sunday to visit Tangier Island (KTGI) located twelve miles off the coast of Virginia. The island is unique for a number of reason including its slowly being flood over by rising ocean levels and its native population speaking unique dialect tracing its roots back to 16th century British speech patterns.
This summer saw the return of PAFT’s traditional summer picnic at 39N. Members enjoyed a variety foods and desserts which provided the energy for the balloon tossing contest that followed. To find out more about PAFT and to see photos of the events, visit
Our next meeting will be on November 9th at Cafe’ Graziella in Hillsborough.
Join us for fun, food, and hangar flying.

L’ Shona Tova – Happy New Year 5777


Our upcoming Rummage Sale will be held on the following dates:

Saturday, October 1, 2016 (9 a.m. – 3 p.m.)
Sunday, October 2, 2016 (10 a.m. – 2 p.m.)

Clothing, art, bric a brac, hardware, linens, jewelry, lighting, shoes, handbags, small furniture, toys, speakers, small appliances and holiday items are just some of the treasures that can be found.

Special 1/2 Price Sale All Day Sunday!

Community Education & Outreach is also accepting donations in good condition everySaturday and Tuesday from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. at the Fete Barn located at 905 Herrontown Road, Princeton (concrete building between Hesco Lighting and Princeton House Behavioral Health).
For more information please contact Debbie Millar, Director, Community Education and Outreach at  or call 609.897.8982.  Proceeds benefit University Medical Center of Princeton.
CALENDAR OF EVENTS – October, 2016
  1st & 2nd:  Princeton Hospital Rummage Sale
2nd:  Rosh Hashana begins at sundown.
 10th:  Columbus Day
11th:  Yom Kippur at sundown
 15th:  Cannibeat Car Show
31st:   Halloween



500 Since Factory Overhaul
April annual NDH
Dual King KX 170B
Nav-com GS
Century 2 AP
Digital fuel flow
EDM700 WX900
Apollo 55 GPS
Excellent paint and interior

Asking $63,900
Will trade

Contact: Ken Nierenberg
609-731-4628 or
Check it out

Prasad Ganti has trained and earned his license at 39N a while ago.  He has recently participated in a program by the FAA Tecnical Center in Pomona, about “Weather Information in the Cockpit”.  This is quite informative.
MORE F.Y.I.-Congratulations to our chief pilot, Jeff Slutsky, on the awarding of his Gold Seal Flight Certificate.   Flight Instructor Certificates bearing a gold seal are issued by the FAA to those CFIs who have high personal qualifications, good records as active flight instructors and meet certain qualifications, including holding an advanced ground instruction certificate,  holding a higher flight instructor ratings, and have a high pass rate for a number of students who they have endorsed for checkrides within the previous 12 months.     We thank the 17 of Jeff’s students who passed their checkrides on their initial attempt, and helped make this possible.
Multi-Engine Introductory Lesson:To celebrate the arrival of Fall, we are offering a Multi-Engine introductory flight in our Piper Seminole with one of our MEIs for a special, discounted rate of $289.00.   This is your chance to feel why it is so much fun to fly a twin.   Offer only open to non multi engine rated pilots.   Call to book your flight now.  Valid only through October 31st.

G-1000:  For those of you who haven’t had the chance to fly an aircraft with G-100, we offer transition training to certified pilots. You will receive ground instruction in the basics  of G-1000 instrumentation, navigation, and situational awareness and flight time.  Call us for more information.  Time and expense depends upon the pilot’s experience.

 “Living the Dream, Flying Part 135 charters”.

Due to a conflict – we are checking for a date.

Free – bring a friend.
From the Right Seat
Assistant Chief Pilot – Peter Rafle
One of my favorite airplanes was the Boeing 707.  It was not the first jet airliner, having been introduced after the British Comet airliner, but it had a long career with 1,011 built and flown by many nations.  It had a 35 degree swept back wing.  This design had its origins in the B 47 bomber design.  This swept back feature produced a “Dutch Roll” tendency that pilots had to learn to handle.   A Dutch roll is cyclic yaw – roll action that, if not dampened by the pilot quickly, could develop into a potentially hazardous event.  It starts with a yaw which causes one wing to produce more lift due to change in angle of attack.  Then airflow on the vertical stabilizer induces a yaw in the opposite direction followed by a bank by the other wing, and repeats. Like a series of slips.
FAA Medical Doctor Michael Nosko
To be determined.  bronze-medicine-symbol.jpg

8:00 am – noon

Walk-ins ’til 11:30
Call 609-921-310 609-921-3100 for appointment.

1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.

You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.
No walk-in without a confirmation number.
Somerset County passed a resolution to front the money to complete the bridge work and then get reimbursed, however we haven’t heard of a timetable.  Hang in there.  It is a royal pain.
AML STC Approves Installation in Thousands of General Aviation Aircraft!
WHY WAIT – Get free traffic & weather.
The FAA has mandated that all airplanes will be required to have ADS-B by 2020.  This equipment will provide radar centers more information for better traffic flow, plus many other benefits.
Garmin has just announced its new GTX 335 & 345 which is now available.  We have had a very positive response to this news and people are scheduling their upgrade.
Price:  “Out” – start $3495 installed.
           “In & Out” – start $4995 installed.
Check the Garmin website for more information:
ADSB solutions for G-1000 approved  ( see Jeff or Ken)
If you need assistance, please speak with Ken 609-731-4628.
NOTE: Just completed the 20th ADSB installation and everyone states why the extra safety with traffic is awesome and they will never fly without it again.