Princeton Airport News – October 2023

October 2023 Newsletter

Hello and Welcome to the Fall Season!

As the seasons change, we continue to fly here at 39N. Remember the days are getting shorter, so be sure to get in those evening flights. Now is a great time to install a pre-heater for your airplane or upgrade the one you already have. With the colder weather ahead, be sure to plan accordingly.

We are excited to announce our Zoom Webinars will resuming this fall and hosted by both CFII Andrew Wells and CFI Joe Ramirez. The subject: Key Aspects of Night Flying which also goes along with the subject that Pete Rafle wrote his article on this month.

We would like to wish CFII Michael Colley a great adventure as he moves on in his aviation career to work with Frontier Airlines. And as one instructor moves on, we welcome a new one. We would like to welcome CFII Shane Johnson to our team.

As the end of September was a bit rainy, remember we have the Sim available for use. You can practice approaches in here or train for your Private as well. Read on to find out more of what's going on at the Princeton Airport.


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