Princeton Airport News – September 2015

     After the challenging winter, we are being rewarded with a wonderful summer for flying, one of the best in years. 39N has been a hub-bub of activities, with many more flights, tours, and just a synergy of activities.  Hopefully this weather will continue into the fall when crisp clear days are perfect for flying.
     Montgomery FunFest will bring lots of new people to Princeton Airport for the first time.  It will be a great time to show off how we are a great asset to the regional community.  We hope you will be here to enjoy the day.
     Also, please note that Raritan Valley Flying School’s name will now officially be changed to Princeton Flying School, effective September 1st.  RVFS, formed in 1978, goes back to our days at 47N, and served all of us well over the years.  Nothing has changed but the name.
If you have a suggestion for the newsletter, please let us know.
     Safe flying.
Princeton Airport
Sunday, September 13, 2015
Noon – 5:00pm
Montgomery, FunFest will feature 100+ booths showcasing MBA members, art, contemporary crafts, unique merchandise, culinary delights from local chefs, sidewalk chalk contest, balloon rides and games of chance, plus two stages of continuous live entertainment. This fall of 2015 will mark our 1st annual event, connecting our individuals, families, schools, local businesses and non-profit organizations to celebrate our community.
     Aviators are welcome.  Our operations at the airport will be normal with a bit of rearranging of airplanes.
     If you are a teenager who wants to solo on his/her birthday and your birthday is in the winter, good luck.  Jack Nierenberg, Ken’s son, and Dick’s and Naomi’s grandson, tried to solo on his 16th birthday in early March.  Mother Nature had other plans, and he was able to complete the task about five days later.
     From that time until August, Jack has trained in between soccer, school, and all of his other activities.  With two weeks before leaving for Virginia Tech, Jack became a private pilot.
Jack has worked behind the counter, pumped gas, and has been Ken’s assistant for snow plowing in the middle of the night.
     Good luck Jack!!!
From the Right Seat by Peter Rafle, Assistant Chief Pilot


     When it comes to flight planning, the weather is the first item that I consider. Some pilots start looking at the forecast a week before the flight. Certainly, getting a long range view of the weather is good. But there are so many factors that affect what the weather will be on the day of your flight. Temperature, humidity, pressure systems are so volatile that I don’t trust any forecast for more than eight hours ahead.
     For years, pilots have been getting their weather information watching the daily forecast on TV, then calling Flight Service Stations (FSS) for an outlook briefing the day before. On the day of the flight the pilot calls FSS for a standard briefing to get all the details for the weather and flight conditions along the route of flight.

FOR SALE – Just in!
GREAT Piper 140  

with 180HP new engine
Garmin 430; STEC AP: And more.

Price: $39,900.

Contact Ken Nierenberg at 609-921-3100 609-731-4628

Looking for another aircraft that we do not have in stock?  Call Ken and he will find on for you.

Organizing for this fall.
All students love the lessons in the air, however frequently the ground portion gets put on the back burner.  When we have sufficient number of students, we have an evening ground school class which meets once a week for about 13 weeks.  This will structure your book work and then, all you have to do is concentrate on the flying.  For more information, check at the front desk.

Memories of DIck Nierenberg
Culmination of 39N Purchase
March 29, 1085
After years of tangling with the landlord at Kupper Airport, Dick, Naomi and Ken Nierenberg were facing the end of its 20 year lease. Renewal was out of the question, so they made the decision to purchase Princeton Airport, which had been for sale since 1981. Negotiations dragged on and finally, the three Nierenbergs and their lawyer went to the bank for the closing. Finally the day arrived, March 29th, 1985.
It was a cold, rainy day and we were getting ready for our appointment, when Dick had flight coordinator Karen Gallivan shred newspapers to fill a large leaf bag. The three of us went to the bank in Somerville and once in the room, Dick set the bag on a chair along the wall. All parties gathered around the long table and quickly the paperwork was completed. Then the lawyer for the other side said that it was time to pay, so we turned and took the large bag and placed it in the middle of the table.

Everyone laughed except the lawyer for the previous owner, who turned ashen.  Dick proceeded to give them the check and we owned an airport. With Dick, everything was an adventure!


Thursday, September 17th, 2015, 7:00pm
Speaker: CFII Jeff Slutsky
Free * Invite a friend!



Parth Patel has joined our staff as a new Flight Coordinator and fueler.


Additionally, Michael Siniakin, who came to us a little less than a year ago for his Introductory Flying Lesson, has joined us as a flight instructor.  Good work.

Happy New Year

1st Solos:
Ryan Barry/CFII Jeff Slutsky
Thomas Esposito/CFII Kris Hendrickson
Brandon Hull/CFII Stephen Hansell
Sushanth Kambhar/CFII Kris Hendrickson
Thomas McFadden/CFII Sean Shue
Sanil Panday/CFII Kris Hendrickson
Joey Thigpen/CFII Sean Shue
Private Pilots:
Jack Nierenberg/Kris Hendrickson 


Thilo Agithe and your Piper Cherokee 140.


New tie-down – Joe Woodward & his Warrior.

New hangar & his RV6.
SAFETY CORNER Mud dauber wasps love to make their homes in small places,
notably, in pitot  tubes.  Make sure to check yours prior to
take-off to make sure that your pitot static system is not clogged.Let us know and we can help you clean it out.
OFFICE in administration building available – $650./month. Utilities included.
(You can work and play at the same place.) Contact Ken:  609-731-4628.



If you need or you know someone who needs a hangar,
there will be some available soon.
Call Ken 609-731-4628


Want a multi-engine rating?  How about a MEI or a Multi-engine ATP?  We have just added a Seminole to our flight line, so whether you are pursuing a career in aviation, or just want to have an additional rating, we can now help you.

Hourly rate (wet)- $290.
Multi-engine ground instruction – $66/hour
Block time for 10 hours – $2750.

FAA Medical Doctor Michael Noskobronze-medicine-symbol.jpg

Saturday, September 19th, 2015
8:00 am – noon


Walk-ins ’til 11:30
Call 609-921-310 609-921-3100 for appointment.

1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.


You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.
No walk-in without a confirmation number.
 Fuel prices have dropped!!!
100 Low Lead:
$5.35 full retail
$5.25 self-service
$5.18 base customers
MORE FYI:  Increased expenses over the last two years have pushed us to the point that we must raise some of our rates as well.  Prices for the aircraft and instructors will increase by 5-7% on September 1st.  (Price sheets will be available soon.

Are you up to date with your radios to comply with FAR 91.13 & 91.11?
Contact Ken, who will get the advise of Jeff Vamos, our “avionics guy”.
Need to be upgraded – we can help you.

NEWS from the
PAFT ramps up for the fall season with activities for all.
Please join us for our first dinner meeting of the new season on September 9th the Hopewell Valley Bistro
If you have some time on Sunday, September 13, Montgomery FunFest,  to help with ramp safety and to answer questions about general aviation please volunteer to help.
We always look forward to our September Larry West Fly-in to Block Island, September 20th
We welcome new members.  Check website.
Back to School

CALENDER OF EVENTS – September 2015
 7th – Labor Day
9th – PAFT Dinner Meeting – Hopewell Valley Bistro
13th – Montgomery Fun Fest HERE at 39N
14th:  Rosh Hashana begins at sundown.
17th:  Safety Seminar 7:00pm
19th:  FAA Medical Exams 8-noon
20th:  Larry West Fly-in to Block Island.
22nd: Yom Kippur beings at sundown.