Princeton Airport News – September 2018

Despite the TFRs and the record breaking heat and rain, inside of the Administration Building, there has been lots of activities.  Virtually, it is being totally overhauled.  There has been some inconvenience, especially with the technology part, but it will be worth it.  When the workers got into the inner workings of the building, some of the wiring dates back decades.  So as we upgrade, we thank you for your patience, and look forward to looking back at “The Summer of 2018”, as the summer that was.
Layla wants you to know that she is also a worker at 39N.  In the midst of all of the construction, she decided to help out with the redecorating.
After she took the paintbrush, she proceeded to grab the tarps, thinking the men wanted to play.
Come and see the enormous improvements in the administration building on the ground floor and the 2nd floor.  It’s impressive
As you probably are aware, the pilot shortage of the airlines filters down to the local level through the flight schools, charters, etc.  At the same time there is more interest in becoming a professional pilot, which we all know is costly.  Pilot Finance, Inc, does provide financing for flight training.  For information contact .
From the Right Seat – Instructor Emeritus Peter Rafle
I assume that each pilot is very familiar with the normal and emergency checklists for his/her airplane.  Pilots use the normal checklists every flight so that the flight is conducted safely. But how often do you review and read those procedures towards the end of the emergency checklist? When was the last time you looked in the handbook, at the amplified discussion of emergency procedures? For this article I am using the Cessna 172S manual. If you fly a different airplane, refer to your manual
Landing without elevator control. The assumption is that the elevator is jammed in a fixed position. A cable is jammed or something else has rendered the elevator un-moveable. The Handbook directs the “pilot to trim for horizontal flight at approximately 65 knots and flaps to 20° by using throttle and elevator trim controls. Do not change the elevator trim control setting; control the glide angle by adjusting power exclusively.” Have you practiced doing this while having an instructor hold the elevator in place, simulating a jammed elevator? You should!
On landing, the nose down moment after reducing power can result in landing on the nose wheel. The handbook says that, “at flare, the elevator trim control should be adjusted toward the full nose up position, and adjust the power so that the airplane will rotate to the horizontal attitude for touchdown. Close throttle at touchdown.”
This is a rare problem, but the skills learned from the precision control of airspeed using trim and power is well worth the experience.
August Achievements –  CONGRATULATIONS!!!

1st Solos:
Shibi Balamurugan/CFIIBranka Brnovic
Saivanrun Pothuraju/CFII Jeff Slutsky
Armando Subero/CFII Hans Sun
Private Pilots:
Abigail Gray/CFII Brank Brnovic
Jonathan Ferrante/Cfii Jeff Slutsky
Commercial Pilot:
Nathi Kijpatanasil/
Multi-Engine Land:
Luke Watson/CFII Jeff Slutsky
1976 Piper Archer

15000 Total Time
500 SMOH By Penn Yan in 2008
350 SPOH
Current IFR
June 2018 Annual
Full king IFR
Dual KX 170B Nav-Coms
KMA 20 Audio Panel
King KT76 Trans
King KR86 ADF
Auto Control 3B Auto Pilot
Stanby Vacuum
Wheel Pants
Complete Logs
Good Paint and Very Good Interior
Electric Trim
Needs Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Asking $39,900
Contact Ken Nierenberg at 609-731-4628 for details.
Happy New Year – 5779
L’Shana Tovah


Countdown 16 MONTHS left to FAA Deadline
ADBS Solution is in stock.  Install the New GDL 82 which complies with the 2020 FAA Mandate for ADSB out for prices starting at $2495 installed.  See or talk to Ken


New ADSB coming out soon.  Starting at $2900 installed.
It has many new features included.
Receiver required.
We have lots of used equipment available for installation.  See Ken.
FAA Medical Doctor Michael Noskobronze-medicine-symbol.jpg

To be determined
8:00 am – noon

Walk-ins ’til 11:30
For appointments:  609-921-3100

1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.

You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.
No walk-in without a confirmation number.
This year’s Montgomery FunFest at the Princeton Airport will take place on Sunday, September 9th, 2018. Montgomery FunFest is RAIN OR SHINE! This is a family event and there’s something for everyone in the family.  Food, games, music, vendors, and more.
When you’re stopped for the parking, tell them that you are flying and you’ll be allowed in.  It is a very busy day, but it’s fun.

3rd:  Labor Day
9th:  Montgomery FunFest
        at Princeton Airport
        Rosh Hashana begins at
18th:  Yom Kippur begins at sundown
22nd:  Fall begins
26th:  PAFT Dinner Meeting
FAA Medical Doctor to be announced.

NEWS from the
 Due to scheduling conflicts, we have rescheduled the September PAFT Dinner meeting to Wednesday, September 26th. The place has not been confirmed so we’ll let you know.  But mark you calendar and plan to join us for the new season.  Share you flying experiences from this summer and let’s “hangar fly”.
The PAFT Mini Fly-In group consisting of 19 members and guests, usually fly during the week, selecting destinations (with food) normally on short notice to take advantage of good flying weather. Since July members have taken 13 trips, totaling 43 planes, carrying 60 pilots and passengers to airports around the area including a trip to Saratoga Springs for a “a day at the races”. Contact Ben Gazdowicz at to be added to the list.
Visit for up to date news and events. All who are interested in aviation are welcome!
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