Princeton Airport News – September 2020

Well, despite the obstacles this summer, Covid, TFRs, storms, heat, we still were able to fly during August and enjoy some really beautiful weather.  What a pleasure to fly above the seemingly chaotic times.


This month, Ken Nierenberg will be the guest Zoom speaker at the Princeton Airport Flying Tigers.  How to run a privately owned, public use airport?  See PAFT’s article for more information.  And while you’re at it,  join them for flying fun and airport community.


From the news below, you can see that all aspects of 39N are operating and functioning well.  Lots of new licensed aircraft pilots.  As we enter the fall season, let’s hope it will be gently.
Stay safe – stay distancing – wear your masks!!!
Masked Faces of our Staff

Meet Odin Adams, Flight Coordinator
You may remember him from last season,–
It happens to be Odin Adams-tuck.  He is back for more fueling and counter work- he can’t seem to get enough. Welcome back

                  Meet Vaibhav Patel

                  Flight Coordinator
Always at the ready
for some fueling.
Meet Saad Sheikh
Certified Flight Instructor
Ready to help you earn
your wings.

                                                                 Meet Pete Mercurio
                                                         Certified Flight Instructors
                                                          All ready for the next
flight.  Sign up today.
Meet Dave DiLaurio
Certified Flight Instructor Instrument    
Waiting for his next student.     



No, Fozzie Bear did not get his CFI.  It was Nick Penque — Congratulations Nick.
Lessons for friends family members or even yourself, He is ready, and starts this week.
August, 2020 Completions
Princeton Flying School
1st Solo:
Rishi Patel/CFI Saad Sheikh
Private Pilot:
Sachin Smart/CFI Peter Mercuro

(Sorry we missed you last month.)


President:  Don Denny

The next meeting of the Princeton Airport Flying Tigers will be on September 9th at 6:30 PM via Zoom. Our guest speaker will be 39N’s own Ken Nierenberg who will take questions on airport operations, how to operate a privately-owned, public use airport, maintenance, new planes and any other flying questions the attendees wish to ask.
For those reading this  who are not on the PAFT mailing list, please email me  so that I can send you the Zoom login information.  Someday we will be able to once again meet in-person but for now we are happy to  be able to meet virtually and stay safe during this difficult and crazy time. Come join us for one of our breakfast fly-ins.
Don Denny, President
PAFT Mini-Fly-Ins:
The PAFT Mini Fly-Ins (MFIs) continue (5 trips this month) as weather allows and airport restaurants sort out their plans to open based on State requirements (Indoor vs outdoor) and specific COVID restrictions. For the most part we only fly to restaurants with outdoor dining.  To help sort this out we have placed a Airport Restaurant Guide for the surrounding states on our PAFT website:

In addition we have reflected on our PAFT-MFIs for the last few years from 2017 to date.  Our photos from these flights have been collected in a Video also posted on the PAFT website: 

If your interested in joining the PAFT-MFIs please contact Ben Gazdowicz at   All are welcome!
1969 Piper Cherokee
Fresh annual
Lot time engine
Great VFR time builder & toy.
Asking:  $32,900.
Ken Nierenberg – 609-731-4628;
IS Working!!!
From The Right Seat
Peter Rafle, Chief Pilot Emiteritus
I have always been interested in weather. I grew up on eastern Long Island, so each fall we would gird ourselves for the arrival of hurricane season. When my flying career began, I
particularly enjoyed learning what I needed to analyze weather charts and developing the skills needed to plan a flight that would finish successfully with the weather facing me that day.
Learning the vocabulary used by meteorologists is initially a chore, but soon enough fluency arrives, and the pilot can understand and communicate with the forecaster as a “native.”
Recently, I had conversation with pilot who flew Constellations in the Air Force in the 1950’s. He described flying over the North Atlantic to Greenland, Iceland and Europe. He told me of talking to
a tower operator in Thule, Greenland who cautioned about the high winds and added a term he had never heard of before, or since. He asked me if I had ever heard of “wind blown
ice needles”? I had, but could not define it, other than it related to arctic or Antarctic environments.
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How about upgrading your avionics and/or electronic lighting system.  Why not do it not or schedule it to your convenience.

For suggestions and/or advice – call Ken Nierenberg 609-731-4628.
Things will get better and we will be flying soon.  Be ready with some new equipment. When this opens up, you will enjoy your new toys.
Remember, fly your planes and have fun!!!  

September, 2020

  7th:  Labor Day
9th:  PAFT Zoom Meeting 6:30pm
See information below.
19th:  Rosh Hashana
22nd: Autumn begins
26th:  FAA Medical Doctor
8:00 to noon.
          Call 609-921-3100 for appointment.
28th:  Yom Kippur
All regularly scheduled events at the airport will be on hold until further notice. For any changes, we’ll shout it out.
News from Elite Flight Experience
It is hard to believe it has already been 3 months since we launched this Spring.  Thanks to everyone who has been stopping by our office on the 2nd floor to find out what we are about, and have been giving the Cirrus a try.  We are still offering discovery flights in our brand new, air-conditioned Cirrus for $350.  Give it a try, even on the really hot days, before the promotion and the summer weather ends.
Elite is also proud to announce that we have a new desktop simulator available for procedural training emulating a Cirrus Perspective Cockpit.  If you have never flown a Garmin G1000 Aircraft, or especially a Cirrus Perspective flight deck, then this is the easiest and lowest cost option available.  The simulator is available at only $65/hr + instructor if desired.  Stop by to take a look.
1st Solo: SR20:
Elizabeth Husak
Anna Granot
Multi Engine Privates:
    Angus Rittenburg
Casey Parzych
Multi Engine Instructor:
    Hans Sun
FAA Medical Doctor Michael Noskobronze-medicine-symbol.jpg
September 26th, 2020
8:00 am – noon

Walk-ins ’til 11:30
For appointments:  609-921-3100

1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.

You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.
No walk-in without a confirmation number.
This is the Season where the Sunsets and Sunrise are breathtaking almost everyday, so imagine what they look like from the Sky?!  Platinum Helicopters is operating in full swing!  We have specific COVID safety and sanitizing measures in place with determination to keep all who want to fly helicopters with us healthy and happy.  Feel free to reach out if you would like some more details on our COVID-19 procedures. We hope to see you all in September!
Congratulations to THOMAS on passing his Private Helicopter Pilot check ride!
It appears that communication via Zoom will be here for the near future, and although it can’t replace in person contact, let’s make the best of technology.  So if you have suggestions for future Zoom meetings – with Ken or other notables from the airport, please let me know.  It can be technical, historical, current rules, etc.  Let us know what your preference for future gatherings, send me an email to .
The Princeton Flying School Podcast is hosted by Pete Rafle, Princeton Flying School Instructor Emeritus. In each episode Pete interviews some of the pilots and colorful characters here at Princeton Airport, as well as sharing a few flying stories and teaching tips of his own gained from his 55 years in the air.The Princeton Flying School Podcasts are recorded at the Princeton Airport and are produced by HG Media. You can hear our podcast on our PFS website as well as on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.
Podcast #11 Guest: Colin Unsworth
Podcast #10 Guest: Bill Ducharme
Podcast #8 Guest: 1st Lieutenant Robert McClellan
Podcast #3 Guest: John Nierenberg
Podcast #1 with Pete Rafle
We will have a few openings soon.  Contact Ken – 609-731-4628
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