Princeton Airport Newsletter – August 2023

The Beach

We are already half way through summer! This season has been filled with flying and very hot days. Our flight school is booming with new students and student accomplishments. We also have two new instructors to welcome on to our team!

We will be having another BBQ this Saturday! Join us on Saturday, August 5th at 12 pm to gather with the Princeton Airport pilots and friends/family.

Our Free Airport Tours open to the public on Tuesdays continue through August 29th.

Be sure to get in your late afternoon/ early evening flights while we still have the longer days. Soak up the daylight hours by catching the sunset and enjoying the sky after work.

Summer is an excellent time to purchase an airplane. Remember that Ken or Jack can help you find what you are looking for and help you along with the buying process. Click Here to see what planes we have to sell today and stay in touch to see what other planes become available. This year alone we have had two pilots who just got their license also purchase aircrafts!

Click Here to see what else is going on at the Princeton Airport.