Princeton Flying School Staff

Jeff Slutsky, Chief Pilot, Princeton Flying School

Jeff Slutsky joined the Princeton Flight School in 2014 and became our chief pilot in 2016. He received his private pilots certificate in 1991 and has been a flight instructor since 2006. He holds a multi-engine air transport pilot rating, is a gold seal flight instructor, and holds CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, and IGI ratings. He also holds private rotorcraft-helicopter rating.

Stephen Hansell, Flight Instructor, Princeton Flying School

Stephen Hansell is ATP, CFI CFII, AGI, IGI certified. He has thousands of hours of total flight time and provides flight lessons in the C172, C182, and DA40, at all levels including private, instrumental, commercial, air transport pilot, and flight instructor. Stephen has been flying with us since 2006 when he received his private pilot’s license and has trained many pilots to completion. He specializes in glass cockpits such as the G1000. In his spare time he is a professor at Rutgers University.

Michael Siniakin, Flight Instructor, Princeton Flying School

Michael Siniakin received his pilot’s license with us when he was 17 and his CFI’s license just one year later, in 2014.  He became interested in flying through Microsoft Flight Simulator a “long time ago” and decided to seek training as soon as he was able. He currently holds the private and commercial license for both multiengine and single engine land aircraft, instrument, CFI, and CFII. Michael brings his stellar energy and vitality of youth to training ensuring no corners are cut and all bases are covered. In his time away from the airport attends school at TCNJ where he studies computer science.

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