Principles of Flight by Chief Pilot John Bastan

VFR Cross-Country Checklist

1. Charts: Check Currency & Locate the following

        a.    Departure Airport

        b.    Enroute (Course change checkpoints, Obstructions & Special use airspace)

        c.    Destination & Alternate Airport(s) (Include enroute emergency landing sites)

        d.    True Course Line(s) — Draw and Measure distance (NM) between checkpoints
2. Weather: Departure, Enroute, Arrival & WX Reporting Stations, NOTAM & FIF
3. Route: Consider WX, Alternate Requirements, & Preferred VFR Routes (A/FD)
4. Altitude: Initial Cruise Altitude
5. Performance: Calculate Aircraft Climb, Cruise, Descent and Weight & Balance
6. Preflight Log: Complete
7. FAA Flight Plan: Complete and File (1-800-WX-BRIEF)
8. Navigation Flight Log: Enter Pertinent Information