The Safety Corner Assistant Chief Pilot Pete A. Rafle

Get There-ite-is

You are on a long cross country. You notice that the weather you are in is very different from what was forecast. You call Flight Watch, but the information they give doesn’t agree with what you are seeing. You give a pilot report, but what do you DO next? Continue or land, where it is still VFR and get a thorough briefing and consider your options. Once on the ground ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I really have to get back home today or in the next (fill in the blank) hours?
  2. Can I complete the flight safely in the weather I can now expect along my route?
  3. What alternates can I fly to safely and be closer to home or my destination?
  4. Is there plenty of room on my credit card for fuel and lodging, and possibly a rental car?
  5. Am I putting safety first?
  6. Ask the FBO for the name of the nearest motel and best restaurant in town.

Fly safe, live longer, have fun flying